OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 10-9-2017

Wait wait wait what 2 updates in a row is this 2017 or what geez SO ANYROAD yes the OSMcast is BACK yet again for a classic late night con report! This time, we stay up waaaaay too late on the Saturday night of AWA to talk about said con. Since Basil and Anna were the only ones from Team OSM around, we stacked the room full of amazing guests! Said guests include, Jared from Oldtaku no Radio, Drew from Akihabara Renditions, as well as Bonus Doug and Jeff! … From, well, they were in the room so good for them! Being in a room!

Protip: This was recorded in a hotel room at 3AM+ in the morning, so the the audio is not always the best. That’s mostly due to the whole hotel room thing, though!


Yep that sure was an anime con, so have some Time Cues already!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:34
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017
    • General Thoughts on AWA, Before and Now – 1:46
    • Thursday @ AWA 2017 – 23:27
    • Friday @ AWA 2017 – 45:48
    • Saturday @ AWA 2017 – 73:14
    • Sunday “@” AWA 2017 – 107:02
    • Final Thoughts about AWA 2017 – 108:56

OSMinterview! Micah Solusod @ MTAC 15 to Life


Waaaaaaaaaay back in the earlier days of the OSMcast!, we met a young man named Micah Solusod. Turned out he was the English Voice Over Artist for the role of Soul in Soul Eater. Since then, the man has gone to do a whole lot more of that Voice Over Stuff! Guy’s been in Wolf Children, Kamisama Kiss, and just recently was one of the main guys in the English adaption of Ping Pong: the Animation!

So we decided it was time to get back in touch with the kid, and see what was going down lately. This happened at MTAC 15 to Life this year, in a press conference style sort of the affair along with the Chainsaw Buffet and some other wonderful folks. Please, have a listen.


We have switched hosting! The OSMcast is now powered by simplecast.fm. What this means is that in May/June we will be switching RSS feeds! So if you would like to switch your RSS now, that might make things easier for the future!

That said, we have been able to switch it already over at Stitcher. They’re good folks, that Stitcher.

OSMcast! Kami-Con Season 7 4-17-2015


The OSMcast has returned! We have come back to to talk about all sorts of things! But primarily, Kami-Con, a fun anime con in Birmingham, Alabama. We talk about our adventures there, as well as things like Dragons and Monsters on Quests and Strikes. With a side of science and goofin’ off.


Long time, no podcast! But now we are back! And you should be seeing more episodes on a more frequent as well as more reliable schedule.

That said, we have switched hosting! The OSMcast is now powered by simplecast.fm. What this means is that in May/June we will be switching RSS feeds!

But until then, Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:38
  • Basil & Anna Are Getting Married Minute! – 03:06
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 05:04
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 08:03
  • Moments of OSM
    • Dragonball Xenoverse – 22:04
    • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 27:53
    • Monster Strike – 30:22
    • My Neighbor Seki – 31:45
    • SCIENCE – 32:25
  • Kami-Con Season 7
    • Friday – 36:54
    • Saturday – 55:40
    • Sunday – 86:01
    • Final Thoughts – 96:17

OSMinterview! Samantha Inoue-Harte @ MTAC In Love

The Hatmaster. Or Meister. Anime loves Meisters.

We’re not done MTAC in Lovin’ yet, folks! We had a chance to sit down several amazing people during this year MTAC, and we have only just begun releasing those interviews! But out of all of them, Samantha Inoue-Harte might be the most interesting of bunch. At the very least, she has them all beat in just sheer quantities of hats she has worn throughout the years.

We’re talking animator hats, voice over artist hats, producer hats, gore effects person hats, and more but pretty much all around delightful hats. Lately, according to MTAC, “Samantha is a Producer and Partner at Animetropolis, a boutique transmedia studio that develops and produces compelling cross-cultural creative content with partnering Japanese Anime studios. Animetropolis partnered with IDA (International Digital Artists) as production partner and lead animation unit for a Japanese/American co-produced CG-animated feature adaptation of Tailchaser’s Song, the acclaimed best-selling fantasy novel by author Tad Williams.”

She talks about that, and a whole lot more. So much more.


We want to give a gigantic thanks to both Samantha Inoue-Harte and MTAC for the chance for the interview. And since it was more press conference style, we were’t the only ones there asking the questions! You also heard questions from John and Charlie from the Chainsaw Buffet, as well as Andrew from A Man and His Pod, among others. So big shout outs to them as well. Yes, we gave them shout outs before, and will likely do so again. In, you know, about a week or two.

But what’s next week going to hold? Flamencos. Samurais. Samurai Flamenco.

OSMcast! MTAC In Love 4-28-2014

Another Year, another Easter, another MTAC. Like in years  of the past, we ventured into the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention for their latest year, MTAC In Love. But. were we in love with the con this year?

Well, like any loving relationship, we had our ups, and our downs. There were some missed communications, but at the same time there were moments of bliss. Ultimately though, at the end of the day or con or whatever, we could look into each other’s eyes and see that the fire was still there.

Speaking of loving relationships, we are once again joined at the hip with the Chainsaw Buffet podcast for this episode. We wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


Next week, we’ll be updating! Again! With another interview! How exciting!

But hold your horses folks, but we still have Time Cues. Oh boy!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:34
  • Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (In Love!)
    • Setting the Stage of Discourse – 2:33
    • Friday – 31:53
    • Saturday – 55:07
    • Sunday, nope still Saturday – 75:29
    • Sunday – 80:36
    • Final Thoughts – 82:58

OSMcast! Kami-Con Season 6 2-17-2014

Kami-Con Season 6: Heartless in Wonderland, where the hearts roam free and wild and uh, less?

In our first con report of 2014, we decided to head down to Birmingham, AL to check out Kami-Con‘s sixth year. As it turns out, we had a great time at the con! Sadly, not such a great time in the city. However, you’ll be able to hear all about the good, the bad, and the awesome contained in audio form therein!

We also brought back our “REALLY real real” segments for this conquestable podcast. What are those, you may ask? The “REALLY real real” segments are when we go forth and talk to the con goers  themselves on how they enjoyed  the con and their own person highlights. Sometimes they get their own episode, but this time we decided  to included them  during the breaks.


And we mentioned it during the podcast, but once again we want to congratulate Ray and Chelsea on their getting married and wish them nothing but the best. We also wish Kami-Con the best  but the  con itself did not get married. That would have been weird.

But you know what aren’t weird? Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:39
  • MOMENTS OF OSM – 01:41
    • The Lego Movie
    • The Puppy Bowl
    • The Olympics
  • An Apology – 08:12
  • Kami-Con Season 6
    • Friday – 10:23
    • The REALLY real real Kami-Con Season 6 Experience Part 1 – 27:45
    • Saturday – 31:57
    • The REALLY real real Kami-Con Season 6 Experience Part 2 – 67:45
    • Sunday – 72:10

OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 10-14-2013

AWA 2013

So here we are. A podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013. A podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 with Basil and Kevin as well as Charlie and Dylan from the Chainsaw Buffet. A podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 with Basil and Kevin as well as Charlie and Dylan from the Chainsaw Buffet where they talk about many things, from the sudden conventions growth, to food trucks, to what they did, panels that we were, lines that were long, fun that was had, some food trucks again, and just how big of a Carl Horn fanboy really is Basil, anyway?

So in other words, it was a podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013.


This was recorded on Sunday, edited all night on Monday, and released before we went to sleep. Therefore, no matter when you see this, or what the website may or may not say: We are calling this episode Up On Time. Throwing it up on the board. Claiming victory over defeat. Editing a photoshop file in our favor. This was the time it was ordained to be.

Speaking of  time, here have some Time Cues,

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 02:04
  • MOMENTS OF OSM – 07:49
    • Pokémon X and Y – 07:16
    • Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game – 13:03
    • Betrayal at House on the Hill – 18:03
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013
    • Setting the Stage of Discourse – 23:56
    • Thursday/Friday – 51:12
    • Saturday – 79:14
    • Sunday – 113:11
    • Final Thoughts – 123:57

OSMcast! Otakon 2013 9-2-2013

OTAKON 2013 AUGUST 9-10-11, 2013

Con season* is upon us again folks and this time the OSMcast went to one of the biggest anime cons of them all: Otakon! The anime con SO big the city it is in can barely contain it. And so big, the OSMcast alone could not handle it. Well, we probably could but we thought it would be fun to chat about the con with some friends.

And what better friends could we have asked than Daryl and Gerald of the Anime World Order podcast!? True friends, you know the kind that make sure to get their burger orders right, so that nothing terrible can happen.

… As you listen, you may discover that we may not be the best judge of character, at least with THAT criteria! But all that, and more, so much more on this episode of the OSMcast!


Here is the Otakon 2013 mug. The Chi’s Sweet Home is used for scale.

Sorry for the couple of days hiccup, folks! But things are back on track!

We would once again like to  thank Otakon for their kindness and generosity for letting us cover their convention, and to thank Gerald and Daryl for taking the time to chat with us! Also we’d like to thank Ink for letting us use his picture of Basil before the Yoko Kanno concert! By the way, he did a great write up about the concert for Ani-Gamers that you should check out!

*No not the webcomic GEEZ although it’s pretty cool you should check it out.

OSMcast! MTAC Devil’s Dozen 4-11-2013

MTAC Devil's Dozen March 29-31, 2013
MTAC Devil’s Dozen March 29-31, 2013

It’s currently raining like mad out here in Alabama so what better time to curl up, grab a beverage of your choosing, and listen to us as we spin the yarn of MTAC 2013, aka MTAC Devil’s Dozen.

The hopes, the dreams, the tribulations, the successes, and all the rest that this con brought to us, nay, the world. Including, not to the fault of the con, the worst panel we have ever, EVER been to! Listen in as Basil gets angrier than he ever does in life. And he works retail! As per Official OSMcast Guidelines, we are joined at the hip by the Chainsaw Buffet podcast.


MTAC’s next year is going to full of LOVE so that should prove interesting! Speaking of love, we are planning to release our interview with Nao Yazawa this upcoming Monday. As I think we mentioned during the podcast it was kinda split into two small segments and Basil is currently figuring how to best handle that. And after that, we’ll have a LONG LOST EPISODE brought forth from the year previous year. It’s about the relaunch of Toonami!

Topical. That’s the OSMcast Guarantee!™

OSMcast! MTAC Omega 2-28-2013

MTAC Omega. Another world, another time.

And our first actual episode of 2013! Recorded in 2012! It is the interview we had with some of the wonderful people that run MTAC we recorded on site last year. Sadly the file is the most tsun tsun file we have ever had and as such is mostly unedited.

But the staff we got to talk to are anything but dere as they tell us all sorts of things about last MTAC and this upcoming MTAC.

Which you should totally go to.


Go to MTAC.

Also Momocon.