The OSMquest, a tabletop podcast of awesome adventures. Sometimes when we get the chance, we tabletop RPG for your amusement. Sometimes we even have special guests!

Our second mini series! In the mid 2000’s there once was a local anime con that suddenly because all too big, all too fast. And when opportunity strikes, you gotta strike fast to land the big score. Based on Kawaii Caper by Ettin64, as a hack of Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist.

Our first ever mini series! A group of teenage campers are camping out for a weekend in 1994 but unbeknownst to them, The Terror is out there. Waiting to be unleashed. Based of the one sheet RPG Be Prepared, by Grant Howitt.

Our first OSMquest that was not done at a con! This is a very fun test-run to see if we could do the while Tabletop Thing online and still have a good time. Turned out we had a blast! In this one we are bored dungeon skeletons, who have decided to hit the road and see what human towns are all about. Things… did not go as planned! Based of the one sheet RPG Adventure Skeletons, by Grant Howitt.

Our second convention game, we got  Mr. Creepyasta to sit down at the table with us for a rousing game of hunting monsters in Eastern Europe. The game is called The Beast, and it’s a one sheet RPG by Grant Howitt.

In our first-ever OSMquest, we really lucked out. We had an interview set up with the amazing voice-over artists, comic creators, indie game deveoplers, and all around ultra-talented pair that is Micah Solusod and Ayu Sakata. But we’ve talked to them many times before, so this time we played a one sheet RPG. It’s a popular one, called Honey Heist by Grant Howitt. You play bears, that do crimes. It’s great.