Once again, we are back with yet another OSMinterview from MTAC Score! This episode, we are chatting with voice actor and martial artist Adam McArthur. Two of the roles he is probably best known for are Marco Diaz in Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen. They talk about how important mentors can be, how things don’t have to be a competition, and more!


We wanted to thank both MTAC and Adam for the chance to chat! If you are interested in following Sara Jane Sherman online to find out when she hosts her seasonal fundraisers, you can find her on her website or on Twitter. You can also find the website for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles here. You can also find Adam himself all sorts of the places! Such as his:

You can find MTAC a bunch of places online, too:

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OSMinterview! Adam McArthur @ MTAC Score!
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