Well, it’s June so it’s about time to wrap up our interview series from MTAC Score! But perhaps we have saved the best for last?* We had the eminent pleasure to get to chat with Kari Wahlgren. For us, the bunch of Final Fantasy sickos that we all are, she’s best known as the voice of Ashe in Final Fantasy XII. However, some may better know her from her role as Saber in Fate/zero, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel, or as Celty Sturluson in the Durarara!! series. And in animation work she has performed as such roles as Tigress in the Netflix version of Carmen Sandiego, Shannon in OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, as well as a bunch of different characters in shows like the recent version of DuckTales, The Owl House, Rick and Morty, Infinity Train, and way more to list here. Way more. Although most recently you can hear her as the voice of Baby Scrat in Ice Age: Scrat Tales on Disney+.

* That’s not true they were all amazing and the best.


We wanted to thank MTAC and Kari for the chance to chat! If you are interested in following Kari you can find her in a whole bunch of places. For example:

You can find MTAC a bunch of places online, too:

Once again, we really appreciate MTAC and the guests for their time to chat with us. We really hope you’ve enjoyed these interviews! But while that’s it from our chats from MTAC, John was a sneaky spy one and has one more recent interview we cannot wait to share with you. 

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OSMinterview! Kari Wahlgren @ MTAC Score!
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