OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PS3, PS4, PSP, oh yeah and PSV, too 1-12-2014
OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PS2 12-29-2014
OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PSone 12-16-2014
OSMcast! Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 11-26-2014
OSMcast! Ringing Bell 9-22-2014

OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PS3, PS4, PSP, oh yeah and PSV, too 1-12-2014

The gang's all here.

The gang’s all here.

It’s time to ring in the year two thousand and fifteen, and what better way to do that than with our longest episode title to date! Serioulsy… It could be the name of a light novel. Well, I guess we would need to make it “The OSMcast Roundtable of Our Youth and Current Age That One Winter Evening About PlayStation 3, 4, PSP and Vita.”

Ok, now it’s a light novel book title. But it is an oral history. Or something. In audio, in any case. Audio all about PlayStation Three and above. The games, the systems, more about the games, questions about things. I’m pretty sure that you now know what you are getting into. If not, well, good luck!


Hey we all know what you were scrolling down to see! Those Time Cues, am I right?

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:46
  • PlayStation Portable – 03:27
    • Wild Arms XF – 04:20
    • Jeanne d’Arc – 04:59
    • Super Robot Wars – 05:23
    • Class of Heroes – 06:04
    • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – 06:55
    • Fate/Extra – 07:26
    • Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time – 07:58
    • Monster Hunter – 08:39
    • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together – 09:15
    • Lumines – 09:40
    • Metal Gear Because of course Metal Gear – 09:49
    • Brandish – 10:39
    • Falcom AKA Best Developer – 11:32
    • Ys Series – 12:38
    • Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection – 13:25
    • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – 13:33
  • PlayStation 3 – 16:45
    • Tales of Vesperia – 26:55
    • Assassin’s Creed Series – 27:57
    • Mass Effect Series – 28:18
    • Rock Band Series – 29:10
    • Tokyo Jungle – 31:24
    • Journey – 32:12
    • Flower – 34:47
    • Armored Core Series – 35:35
    • Peggle!!! – 35:58
    • Uncharted Series – 36:33
    • The Last of Us – 37:18
    • Heavy Rain – 37:31
    • Final Fantasy XIII – 38:08
    • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – 41:53
    • Minecraft – 44:16
    • Vanquish – 44:29
    • Bayonetta – 44:45
  • PlayStation Vita – 45:15
    • Ys: Memories of Celceta – 47:56
    • Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster – 49:33
    • Persona 4 Golden – 49:51
    • Lumines Electronic Symphony – 51:42
    • Danganronpa Series – 52:44
    • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Series – 53:19
    • Tales of Hearts R – 53:50
    • Hyperdimension Neptunia – 54:32
    • PlayStation TV – 56:30
    • Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars – 59:16
  • PlayStation 4- 59:16
    • DualShock 4 – 66:20
    • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – 67:54
    • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – 68:58
    • Saints Row IV – 69:17
    • Downloadable Games – 69:51
    • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) – 70:45
    • The Legend of Korra video game developed by Platinum Games – 72:11
    • Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – 73:36
    • Watch Dogs – 74:21
    • Infamous Second Son – 75:36
    • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes – 77:27
    • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 79:27
    • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – 80:56
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition – 82:38
  • Questions from Listeners Like You – 87:31
  • So, Where is PlayStation Going, Anyway? – 103:54
  • Some Games We Forgot and Final Thoughts – 111:19

By the Twelve that was a lot of games.

OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PS2 12-29-2014

The Sony PlayStation 2

The Sony PlayStation 2

We continue on our journey throughout all of PlayStation,.focusing this time on the Sony PlayStation 2. We talk about  the system, it’s games, and some more about it’s games. It’s a nostalgic action-packed episode that the whole family can enjoy!

As long as they can enjoy some folks talking about the PlayStation 2 for a couple of hours, anyway.

But to not leave all our Realm Reborn buddies in the lurch, we also  talk about the latest holiday event in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Which should be ending any day now. Well… How about that.


No time for notes Dr. Jones! Only time for Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:41
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 06:06
  • PlayStation 2 AKA PS2
    • The History and the System in General – 11:23
    • Where We tell Stories About Getting Our PS2s – 18:48
    • DRE: Disk Read Error – 23:15
    • The Games of the PlayStation 2 – 33:36
      • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – 35:54
      • Tales of Games – 37:48
      • Xenosaga Series – 42:58
      • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – 47:25
      • Kingdom Hearts Series – 55:57
      • MS Saga: A New Dawn – 60:15
      • Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front – 62:35
      • Steambot Chronicles – 64:44
      • Wild Arms 3 thru 5 – 65:43
      • Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter – 67:10
      • .hack//Series – 69:55
      • Katamari Damacy – 71:12
      • Final Fantasy X – 72:24
      • Final Fantasy XI – 78:47
      • Final Fantasy X-2 – 84:25
      • Final Fantasy XII – 85:34
      • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – 94:29
      • Shin Megami Tensei Series – 99:44
      • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – 101:02
      • Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King – 102:39
      • Shadow Hearts Series – 103:27
    • Questions from Listeners Like You About PlayStation 2 – 107:04
    • Fondest Memories About PlayStation 2 – 115:57
    • Final Thoughts – 119:15

OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PSone 12-16-2014

The Sony PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation

As it turns out, there has now been twenty years of PlayStation. So we decided to talk about those twenty years on the OSMcast! But as it turns out, there was a lot, a LOT to talk about just about the first PlayStation!

So listen on as we intend to talk about all of the PlayStation, then instead only talk about the first of PlayStation.

That said, we had a ton to say. We talk about the system itself, where it came from, and all the games we enjoyed on it throughout the years.

Turns out, there were a lot of games!


Let’s not mince words here. Because here comes a whole lot of them: Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:43
  • PlayStation AKA PSone
    • The History and the System in General – 4:02
    • The Games of Original PlayStation
      • Final Fantasy VII: 18:38
      • Wild Arms: 22:30
      • Breath of Fire III: 24:23
      • Tomb Raider: 28:00
      • Jumping Flash! 28:59
      • Final Fantasy Tactics: 30:26
      • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: 31:49
      • Tekken 3: 32:45
      • Dance Dance Revolution: 33:39
    • Some of the Low Points of the PlayStation: 35:06
      • Alone in the Dark: 36:23
      • Tales of Destiny: 36:59
      • The Translations of Final Fantasy: 37:36
      • Thrill Kill/Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style: 38:03
    • And Then We Talk About the Games Some More
      • Revelations: Persona: 39:24
      • Xenogears: 40:54
      • Parasite Eve: 43:08
      • Chrono Cross: 44:03
      • Metal Gear Solid: 47:18
      • SaGa Frontier: 51:51
      • The Legend of Dragoon: 56:14
      • Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX: 57:31
      • Megan Man 6: 67:17
      • Resident Evil and Silent Hill: 70:43
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about PlayStation: 72:50
    • And Then We Talk About the Games Some More Yet Again
      • Thousand Arms 79:52
      • Rhapsody 81:04
    • Final Thoughts: 89:35

Phew! And yes, of course we then remembered even more games after  we had packed up for the night. But worry not! We have a few more PlayStation systems left to go!

OSMcast! Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 11-26-2014

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

We here at the OSMcast! are very thankful for many things. We are thankful that you listen! We are thankful that when we ask for questions, people send them!

We are also thankful for Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. Which is an anime based of a manga by Izumi Tsubaki and adapted by Dogakobo.

We are also thankful for Dragons, Ages, Tea, and Not Losing Your Way. We are not so thankful for being conflicted about things, but hey have a brand new segment on us.


If you live in the USA, happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! If you do not live in the USA, happy things anyway! And for everyone wherever you are, here are the Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:33
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 07:04
  • Moments of Confliction – 25:33
    • Assassin’s Creed Unity – 25:49
    • Fantasy Life – 30:51
    • Tales of Hearts R – 36:38
  • Moments of OSM – 40:53
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition – 41:14
    • ROUGENADOES – 51:20
    • The Universal Language – 53:55
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
    • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Sans Spoilers – 61:05
    • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Full of Spoilers – 81:42
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – 103:28
    • OSMs out of OSM – 116:25

OSMcast! Questions from Listeners Like You 11-12-2014


Whoa! So, it’s been a while! Sorry about that. When we last updated, Basil and Kevin were heading off to AWA, while Doug left for Japan. And while there were plans for updates after that, instead we all got really sick. Really, really sick. But a few weeks ago we got back together, and recorded a podcast of questions solicited from Twitter. Then Basil got slammed with exams and getting stuff ready for the Hamacon Minicon this year. But worry no more! This is that episode! Uploaded! Online! For you to listen to!

This episode is ostensibly about the Questions from Listeners Like You, but we talk about a few things! We have a few video games to talk about like PEGGLE 2 OH MAN PEGGLE 2 GUYS as well as a few takes from Doug’s trip to Japan.


Man, we had a year of pretty constant updates, huh? Well, we are still planning to resume that practice! We have some awesome things lined up for you all. But until then, have some Time Cues~

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:37
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 07:47
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 26:29
  • Moments of OSM – 29:29
    • Peggle 2 – 29:43
    • Terra Battle, ostensibly – 35:30
    • The Legend of Korra video game developed by Platinum Games – 42:58
    • Tears to Tiara 2 – 50:13
    •  Mt. Fuji – 54:35
  • Questions from Listeners Like You – 75:54

OSMcast! Ringing Bell 9-22-2014


This is the happiest of cartoons~

So since we are gearing up for Anime Weekend Atlanta and we know you kids like those Japanese cartoons, we decided to talk about one! This time we decided to talk about Ringing Bell, an anime from the studio that Sanrio built, helmed by Masami Hata and base doff the book by Takashi Yanase. Also released by Discotek and with excellent commentary track by Mike Toole.

We also talk about the normal things we tend to, like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, BUT ALSO pizza. And we cover some crazy allegations about how we are from the southern part of the United States of AMERICA, that SOMEHOW we don’t understand what can make a good pizza. Naturally, we handle this with the grace and aplomb that properly befits southern gentlemen.


Buy some Ringing Bell! If you happen to be at AWA, go ahead and track down Discotek’s booth! They might have it, and usually at, or better than the price that Amazon will have. You cannot go wrong!

Speaking of something you can never go wrong with, Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:37
  • The War of Northern Pizza Aggression – 03:43
  • Final Dragon: A Realm Quest Reborn Fantasy Minute! – 13:57
  • Moments of OSM
    • Fairy Fencer F – 24:35
    • Even More Minecraft – 27:15
    • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – 32:20
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 – 35:58
  • Moments of F.U.
    • Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya – 44:07
    • Teen Titans Go! – 46:40
  • Ringing Bell
    • Ringing Bell, Sans Spoilers – 63:25
    • Ringing Bell, Full of Spoilers – 87:45
    • Ringing Bell, Sans Spoilers – 107:37
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Ringing Bell – 108:01
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about things beside Ringing Bell – 117:47
    • OSMs Out of OSM – 126:27

And so OSMcast panels at AWA. We have FIVE OF THEM. Please come to them! Here they are:

Getting Your Anime Groove Back (Thursday, September 25 • 8:00pm, Kennesaw): Anime burn out happens all the time. Sometimes life gets in the way and people lose interest in keeping up with the latest shows and news. This panel looks at a few shows that may rekindle that anime fan deep inside that just wants to be free again.

Boys to Men: Shonen and Seinen (Friday, September 26 • 5:00pm, CGC – 105): So what does One Piece, Naruto, Ranma ½, Nichijou, and Blue Exorcist all have in common? Their anime and manga for boys! But what does Ghost in the Shell, Chobits, Mysterious Girlfriend X, and Monster have in common? They’re for men! Wait, what? What does any of this even mean? Don’t worry, it’s fine. Shonen and Seinen are entire worlds of different kinds of anime and manga, and we’re here to show you the way.

Manga You Need to Buy Right Now (Saturday, September 27 • 12:30pm, CGC – 113 & 114): Manga, the world of Japanese comics. There’s a whole lot of them, and it seems like today there are even more ways to buy them than ever. Let us be your guide in this new comic landscape. We’ll show you all the ways to buy your manga, physically and digitally. And hey, we’ll even tell you about some of the neater Japanese comics to have come out lately!

Spice Girls: Shojo and Josei (Saturday, September 27 • 2:45pm, CGC – 106): Shojo are Japanese comics and cartoons for girls, and Josei are the same but for women. But there’s way more to shojo than romance stories and Sailor Moon for shojo, and even more to josei than even that. We’ll be tackling both terms, what they mean, and all the various incarnations therein we can think of. There’s going to sparkles, and tears, and crocodiles, and justice, and who knows what else?

Anime and Manga in the Digital Age (Sunday, September 28 • 3:45pm, CGC – 102): Anime isn’t just discs anymore, and manga isn’t just books! Nowadays, with the advent of smart phones, tablets, Rokus, and other ways of streaming stuff, there are more ways to get your anime and manga fix than ever before! There are, in fact, so many you may have not heard of them all. But we know about most of them, and can tell you where they are and what they’re good for.

OSMcast! Mellow Mushroom 9-8-2014



Now, our tagline for the OSMcast has always been, “Your podcast for everything awesome.” And that normally has been in reference to anime, manga, video games,movies, things that we consume. However, food is also a thing that we consume. We have obviously left out a category of things that are awesome that we haven’t podcasted about.

That, or we have officially jumped the shark and have ruined ourselves forever.

But no matter what may come, what has come is our first restaurant podcast! So please enjoy this audio discourse of Mellow Mushroom, a pizza joint native to the American Southeast.


I best everyone is sure hungry for some Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:35
  • Moments of OSM – 12:30
    • Sword Art Online Season 2, Episode 9, 11:30 Minutes in – 12:48
    • Blue Blazes (Aoi Honoo) – 14:48
    • BoJack Horseman – 16:47
    • Dreaming of Minecraft – 19:04
    • Nintendo 2DS – 2:23
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 24:50
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 28:06
  • Moments of F.U. – 33:37
    • Final Fantasy XIII – 34:12
    • Under The Dome – 36:46
  • Mellow Mushroom
    • General Mellow Mushroom Talk- 43:58
    • Mellow Mushroom Food Manga Reaction Moments – 69:05
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Mellow Mushroom – 81:03
  • OSMs Out of OSM – 90:13

… No? Well don’t worry, next time we’ll be back talking about about some Japanese cartoons!

OSMcast! Guardians of the Galaxy 8-25-2014


That’s them, alright.

Another podcast, another episode where we talk about Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. We mean Marvel’s latest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Which once again proved to us here at OSM Central that the way to our hearts is for Marvel to make awesome films about space and featuring wicked warhammers.

That could be just for Basil, though. Eh, close enough!

That warhammer, though…


So see they movie! It might even still be in theaters! It just nabbed the top spot in the box office this past weekend so you have a pretty good shot!

But in the meantime, have some Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:36
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 4:51
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 7:22
  • Moments of OSM
    • Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – 13:54
    • Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – 17:25
    • Elysian Shadows and Under the Dog – 19:04
    • Great Teacher Onizuka (2012 Television Drama) – 23:00
    • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – 27:08
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Guardians of the Galaxy, Sans Spoilers – 29:58
    • Guardians of the Galaxy, Full of Spoilers – 55:53
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Guardians of the Galaxy – 78:49
    • OSMs Out of OSM – 103:15

OSMcast! Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 8-11-2014


If there was a bingo card for all that is good about Dragon Ball, this movie would win all the Dragon Balls.

There are some things we thought we would never see. One of things being a Dragon Ball Z movie in theaters in America. Furthermore, a Dragon Ball Z movie in a theater in our own town. For that Dragon Ball Z movie to be highly entertaining. We also never thought we would see a movie called Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Another thing that we never thought we would be able to do? To be able to make a podcast about a movie called Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, that was a Dragon Ball Z movie we watched in a theater in our home town.

These are now all things that have happened.

And the world was better for it.


We hoped that everyone has fun at Otakon! It sounded amazing and we totally wish we could have made it. Maybe next year!

But in the mean time, please have some Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:44
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 4:58
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 6:55
  • Moments of OSM
  • Elysian Shadows – 16:30
    • Terror in Resonance – 20:52
    • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 23:40
    • Cast Away – 28:15
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
    • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Sans Spoilers – 32:33
    • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Full of Spoilers – 54:47
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – 75:40
    • OSMs Out of OSM – 91:12

OSMcast! The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits 7-28-2014


Still cartoons! Cartoons are still great!

And lo, a year has passed since we all watched the second season, or Book as the kids call it, of the Legend of Korra. But what does that MEAN. Was it worth it? Were they able to write themselves out of the hole that was the complete story arc of Book One? And by that we mean that Book One ended in a way that really didn’t need another season, so the hole we are talking is more the fact there was no hole? But can we DIG IT. Can we place our hands into the ground of The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits and just DIG IT?

Short answer: Yeah pretty much, we are still doing an OSMcast all about after all.

Long answer: Once again, you can have that long answer by click on that episode, and either streaming it RIGHT NOW or download and listen at your earlier convenience. We did spend all that time talking and pontificating all over this here audio file. I’m adding more text here to make the answer longer.

TL;DR: This episode of the OSMcast is about The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits. It’s a pretty cool cartoon made by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino and the second series to the first book and is in general a sequel to Avatar: the Last Airbender. You can go listen to us yap on about how cool we think it is. Which it was. At times. Eh, you’ll find out!


Firstly, here’s a link to the Blu-ray of the second season. Here’s a link to the DVD version.

Now have some delicious whole grain Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:45
  • ‎Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute!: 05:31
  • Moments of OSM
    • Aldnoah.Zero – 18:44
    • Total Drama series – 21:00
    • Bob’s Burgers – 24:06
    • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun- 28:21
  • The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits
    • The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits Sans Spoilers – 35:16
    • The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits Full of Spoilers – 63:48
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about The Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits – 89:04
    • OSMs Out of OSM – 108:41