OSMinterview! Kira Buckland on 12/09/2021

Happy December! Hope everyone is doing well. Maybe catching up on some Netflix, perchance? Possibly enjoying the latest installment of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean. If so, we got some great news for you. We have a very recently done OSMinterview, where John gets to talk with one amazing Kira Buckland! Who is, coincidentally, the voice of Jolyne Cujoh. But has also portrayed voices of many others, like Mitsuri Kanroji in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, 2B in Nier: Automata, Trucy Wright in the Ace Attorney series, and ton of others.


We want to thank Kira Buckland once again for taking the time to chat with us! And you can find all the places where Kira is by checking their Linktree. But if you’d rather have a list of links here? We’ve got you:

OSMcast! Show #181: Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

It’s November and you know what that means! More Evangelion? No problem! We here at the OSMcast, your podcast for everything Awesome Evangelion are here for you. Hot & Ready with yet another toasty extra crispy episode, all about the third movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series! Now that’s dedication. 


At this point you know the drill. Patreon. Discord. Time Cues. That’s the stuff.

OSMcast! Show #180: Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

Would you believe it, another Evangelion podcast!? It’s true! Originally, the plan was to do a podcast on just 1.11 and 2.22 together. But we soon discovered by the time we were done talking about 1.11… We had already spent a whole podcast on it! We just could not advance to talk about Eva 2.22. Who would have thought? Anyhow, enjoy yet another OSMcast!, where we talk about the second movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. 


Boy Square-Enix keeps on wanting to hang out with us! Last episode, it came out the day Sora is announced for Smash. Today, the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Media Tour’s embargo has lifted so there is a ton of great video footage of the new jobs and things out. But over here? It’s all LCL up in here. Well, that and Time Cues:

OSMcast! Show #179: Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone

September 1, 2007. The Earth changed. It experienced a cataclysmic event that is known known as Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. Then later it hit DVD and Blu-Ray and was retitled as Evangelion: 1.01 then later still, 1.11. At the time of this podcast, it is now still 1.11, but is now on Amazon Prime Video. It still believed to (not) be alone. As it has the other three movies also on Amazon Prime Video. Chances are by the time you are approaching this episode, you know about Eva’s whole deal. Nevertheless, please enjoy this podcast in the OSM of Evangelion series.


So Sora’s in Smash, huh? Well that is a thing that also happened today. Not that we knew that going into this podcast. Also, not that would have changed anything! Or that you should join the Discord or support us on Patreon. Nor would it change these Time Cues:

OSMinterview! Amanda Winn Lee on 9/17/2021

The OSM of Evangelion just keeps on rolling on as this whole interview train continues! Before we pull into the station and start releasing the episodes on the Rebuild movies, John once again surprises us in just the best ways. This time, he sits down at the virtual table with the returning champion and all around treasure, Amanda Winn Lee. You may know her best as the voice of Rei Ayanami in both the original ADV Films dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion and the End of Evangelion, along with the Amazon Prime Video dubs of the Rebuild Movies. However, she is also the voice of Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4, Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats, and just all around a great mom. And finally, someone that can explain whatever the hell Delta 8 is! (Does contain Evangelion 1.0+3.0 Thrice Upon Some Spoilers)


We want to thank Amanda Winn Lee once again for taking the time to chat with us! We also want to say hey, if you have some donating cash for a good cause, please check out the Lady Eva Pilot Halloween Slumber Party. Amanda Winn Lee, Tiffany Grant, and Deneen Melody are getting together for an epic live stream event to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Plus if you donate $100, you get a signed poster, probably!

And if you ever needed a list of things that she does that you can click on? We got you covered.

OSMinterview! Deneen Melody on 9/13/2021

So there you are, chillin’ on the roof of the school, as you do. Just going about your day, getting the latest instalment of the The OSM of Evangelion series prepped for release. Then, out of the blue, comes in something just incredibly unexpected yet entirely welcomed. Just right on top of you. That was John yesterday with a fresh OSMinterview in virtual hand. He got the chance to talk with just the delightful Deneen Melody, who you may know now as the voice of Mari Illustrious-Makinami from the Amazon Prime dubs of the Rebuild of Evangelion films. But can also hear her as Zoe Lee aka Vesperia* in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, May in Pokemon Masters EX, and in all sorts of things! (Does contain Evangelion 1.0+3.0 Thrice Upon Some Spoilers)

*Ok so maybe not that Vesperia. But as far as we can tell, Deneen Melody is pretty magical and is also a legit faerie… So maybe she is actually that Vesperia, too?


We want to thank Deneen Melody once again for taking the time to chat with us! And heartily and emphatically encourage you to check out her Twitter and website.

OSMinterview! Spike Spencer on 9/4/2021

As the OSM of Evangelion continues, John sits down at virtual interview table with the voice of the ADV/Rebuild movies’ Shinji Ikari, Spike Spencer! But unlike Shinji, Spike has no issues getting into the robot. In fact, he tends to get into lots of them! He’s also a public speaker, voice coach, life coach, podcaster, real estate investor, just all sort of robots to get into. But what you should get into right now, is this interview! (Does contain Evangelion 1.0+3.0 Thrice Upon Some Spoilers)


We want to thank Spike Spencer once again for taking the time to chat with us! And did we mention that he gets into all the robots? He does! Let us list you the ways:

OSMcast! Show #178: Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion

September 13, 2000. The Earth changed. It experienced a cataclysmic event that is known known as The Second Impact. Or it did in another world, another time. In this time, it’s August 24th, 2021. In this world, all of Evangelion can now be streamed in the United States.  With Netflix having the Evangelion TV show along with The End of Evangelion movies, and Amazon Prime Video having the Rebuild movies. So, on this day, in this world, we have begun the OSM of Evangelion Podcast Series. Four podcasts worth, to talk about this landmark show and movie franchise.

For the first episode we are talking about the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, along with The End of Evangelion movie. Written, directed, and lived by Hideaki Anno and animated by studio Gainax (along with assistance by studio Tatsunoko for the TV series, and Production I.G for the End of Evangelion movie).


First off, we want to say just BIG OL’ HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to own nakama John Robbins! As well as fellow anime podcaster Austin from the Third Impact Anime podcast. Hope they are great ones. Secondly, if you wanna wish them a happy birthday, or perhaps a belated one if you see this post after today… Join our Discord! It’s fun! Really. Mostly. Probably. We hope so, anyway. Now, Time Cues:

OSMcast! Show #177: ODDTAXI

Every once in a while, a show will come out of nowhere. And just, I dunno, slap you upside the head with it’s goodness? But that slap, it’s not always so fast. Sometimes, you get that slow slap. But when that slap hurts, it hurts so good. That’s ODDTAXI. Or Odd Taxi, which is an easier way to read it. It’s an anime that’s a gritty noir about a taxi driver and the people he takes places. The driver, is also a walrus. The show is about a lot of things. Oddly enough, so is this podcast!


First, here’s a few things that we talked about in reference to ODDTAXI in the podcast!

Second, in case you thought we were kidding about letting you pick what Kevin eats via the Patreon? Oh don’t worry, we weren’t! You can make that happen RIGHT NOW! (Or well, three months from now if you start donating today…) And also don’t forget to join our Discord, and see what food the rest of us are eating! (Or well. the food we post about…)

Third, Time Cues:

  • We Start OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:35
  • Moments of OSM – 10:37
    • ODDTAXI, Sans Spoilers – 31:43
    • ODDTAXI, Full of Spoilers – 59:21
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about ODDTAXI – 82:22
    • OSMs Out of OSM – 111:28

OSMcast! Show #176: The OSMnews Returns Again! But This Time it’s E3

So it’s 2021 and supposedly things are returning to some semblance of, what some may call, normal. However, as it turns out, normal is still a ways away. And of course, we know that because of video games! For example, E3. Usually, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a ginormous in person event with crazy press conferences, announcements, and media and people on Twitch and YouTube playing all these vertical slices of games that may or may not be real.

But not this year. This year it was all digital, where everyone stayed home and just watched the press conferences online like everyone else. And it became clear that not everyone decided to Bring Their “A” Game. And that’s OK. Neither did we!


So that was E3! Kinda. In an hour or so in podcast form. If you want to talk to us about it, head over to our Discord! Or throw us a review on the Apple Podcasts with 5 stars. Or just I dunno… Donate to our Patreon? That would be cool.