September 13, 2000. The Earth changed. It experienced a cataclysmic event that is known known as The Second Impact. Or it did in another world, another time. In this time, it’s August 24th, 2021. In this world, all of Evangelion can now be streamed in the United States.  With Netflix having the Evangelion TV show along with The End of Evangelion movies, and Amazon Prime Video having the Rebuild movies. So, on this day, in this world, we have begun the OSM of Evangelion Podcast Series. Four podcasts worth, to talk about this landmark show and movie franchise.

For the first episode we are talking about the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, along with The End of Evangelion movie. Written, directed, and lived by Hideaki Anno and animated by studio Gainax (along with assistance by studio Tatsunoko for the TV series, and Production I.G for the End of Evangelion movie).


First off, we want to say just BIG OL’ HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to own nakama John Robbins! As well as fellow anime podcaster Austin from the Third Impact Anime podcast. Hope they are great ones. Secondly, if you wanna wish them a happy birthday, or perhaps a belated one if you see this post after today… Join our Discord! It’s fun! Really. Mostly. Probably. We hope so, anyway. Now, Time Cues:

OSMcast! Show #178: Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion

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