Finally our current tagline will now make sense as the OSMcast! tackles Gainax’s Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!


Image © Go Nagai/Dynamic Planning, Honey Production Committee
Image of the hottie whiskey bottle © Go Nagai/Dynamic Planning, Honey Production Committee

Now this podcast really isn’t a day late or anything. I mean, it’s not like a bird hit a plane causing Inubito’s friend’s flight to be delayed so he was busy entertaining his guest to mix down the podcast until late Monday night. And it surely wasn’t Basil being too busy playing Spore to actually update the site once he had the file.

I mean… obviously.

By the by, hasn’t anyone noticed how the theme of Spore is kinda how creatures must use the power of evolution to grow, expand, and survive as well as you (not I of course) the player also evolve by varying games of complexity?

And how it expresses it’s theme by the use of a galaxy as imagery. And how galaxies kinda like like spirals? You know, like Gurren Lagann?

Not that I’ve been playing Spore or anything, and that my race of creatures are called the Gurrens.


Not at all!

OSMcast: Gurren Lagann 9-8-2008
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