If you ever asked the question of, “Hey do you think someone can make an hour-long podcast out of a 45 second teaser trailer?” You are in luck! We here at the OSMcast! have answered your question. And the answer is “Definitely, as long as it’s about Yuri!!! on Ice movie!” Thankfully the teaser trailer is for Ice Adolescence, and admittedly we also threw some Moments of OSM in there. Because if we are going to do an episode of the show, it’s gonna be an actual episode! 


OK so in case you wondering, here’s that teaser:

Wow! It’s that sure something? Can you believe we spent what, forty minutes plus on this? In our defense… Victor is pretty dang pretty, though. Also, Marriage For All Japan is a pretty great idea, and one we really hope happens. Also, we got in an episode for November! Whoo! Hopefully we can get some more episodes in before the new year! But until then, Time Cues:

OSMcast! Show #166: Yuri!!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence Teaser Trailer

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