Hello Adventurers! So in our previous episode we talked about the big announcement from the 2023 NA FFXIV FanFest in Las Vegas: The latest FFXIV expansion, Dawntrail. But this episode is about everything else that happened at FanFest! The highs, the lows, the events, the lines. All the fun parts, and some of the not so fun parts. The terrible, terrible heat. Speaking of things that are hot off the presses, we also talk about The Rising and the latest Moogle Tomestone events. It’s a grand ole time!

Spoiler LevelsPretty Low! Since we already talked about Dawntrail, we kept the spoiler talk to as low as we could. This is about the event of FanFest itself. I guess if you don’t want spoilers as to what might happen at the EU & JP FanFest? But honestly, they are gonna be pretty different anyway.


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The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 16: The 2023 NA FFXIV FanFest in Las Vegas

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