Hello Adventurers! Well, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. In fact, we already have had the expansion come out that we were getting hyped for in our last episode! You know… back in… February of 2021. Ahem. So anyroad Endwalker has released, and it’s been what, eight months since then? Excellent time to release an episode all about Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker right now! Just in time to get hyped for patch 6.2 at the end of the month. Sure. This is a great idea and we’re glad everyone is on board for it. Also, there are Moogle Tomes of Verity to get and a Moonfire Faire to enjoy. Hop to it y’all (because you know, jumping puzzles and all)!

Spoiler Levels: The first hour or so it’s pretty spoiler free. However, after that? NOPE it’s all spoilers for Endwalker so make sure to have at least wrapped up the 6.0 MSQ before continuing on.

The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 10: We’re Finally Talking About Endwalker!
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