Sometimes, an anime is about a sport. Sometimes, it’s about other things entirely. Sometimes, it’s about other things entirely but also absolutely needs the sport in question to get to the things the anime wants to talk about. This time, that sport is Soft Tennis and this anime is called Stars Align. And it is about Soft Tennis, but not entirely. It is also a show written and directed by Kazuki Akane along with the studio Eight Bit. It is also pretty great! But you may have figured that out when we released a podcast all about it.


Anime News Network also had an excellent pair of interviews with the writer and director of Stars Align Kazuki Akane, that we talked about during the podcast. You can find Part One here, and Part Two here. To mix up some sports metaphors, Kim Morrissy absolutely knocked these interviews out of the park! They really showed some wonderful insights into this show.

And while we may be podcasting about a show full of kids, we are definitely some old men! You can tell this by our Moments of OSMs, that are all inadvertently synced up about us yearning for our childhoods. Huh. The things you notice as you actually put together the show descriptions and Time Cues: 

OSMcast! Show #163: Stars Align
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