OK, so what do you do when you have some of your favorite people to interview. In this case, Micah Solusod and Ayu Sakata. Only, you have interviewed them. Several times. In fact, last time they decided to interview you, instead. So now what do you do?

Apparently, the answer is you play a tabletop RPG with them! So that’s what we did.

The name of the game is Honey Heist, made by Grant Howitt. It is a game where you are bear. You do crimes. We, as bears, did crimes. So many crimes. Micah was new to this, but you can’t tell. You can find all of Grant’s wonderful games at https://gshowitt.itch.io/.

OSMquest! Playing Honey Heist with Micah & Ayu @ Hamacon 10
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