So speaking of Momocon, this was the first year where they really blew up their video gaming to something truly huge. Something special. they called it the MGX, or Momocon Gaming Experience. Not only was there tons of tabletop gaming to be had, or console gaming, or even an arcade, as they had all of these things. But what Momocon also had, was an indies space for video games. And along with our pals from Chainsaw Buffet, we played almost all of them.

These are those stories. As recorded late at night during some night at Momocon.


GOOD GRAVY there were a bunch of games at Momocon this year! Frankly, I have no idea how those actual video game sites cover even bigger shows like E3! Wait, I think they get paid though… huh. Oh well! Of course, thanks to the Chainsaw Boys for helping us cover all these games! But you did not come here for this part of the OSMnotes, clearly. What you want, are those Time Cues:

That… was a lot of links. Please, go click on them! Find something new to play! And bug the wonderful C63 folks to make that sweet sweet train game I know is secretly in their hearts.

Next time, something fresh off the microphone! We are kicking a few ideas around. If you have any ideas of topics of things to cover, feel free to hit up Basil on Twitter. Or Kevin! Or hey, even the OSMcast account itself. We are not picky.

OSMcast! The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2015 10-26-2015
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One thought on “OSMcast! The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2015 10-26-2015

  • October 27, 2015 at 12:20 PM

    Your train game just needs to be a video game translation of the Trains deck-building game so can also feel like a salaryman riding the rails around Tokyo.

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