OSMcast! The 2014 OSMawards Part II: Manga and Anime 2-23-2015

The 2014 OSMawards for Most Awesome Manga and Anime

February is almost over! And as everyone agrees that Febuaray is the best month for looking back at the previous year, it’s time to wrap up the 2014 OSMawards! This time, it’s all about the wonders of Japanese comics and cartoons. You know, the good stuff.

Stuff such as, does Gundam the Origin keep the throne for Most Baller Manga in 2014? So how DID Viz Media get their groove back? Watch anime shows has Basil still yet to watch, even though he knows what’s good for him? All these burning questions are answered!

But don’t worry! We also talk about some video games, as well as some… books?! Yeah, reading words is hard! We have no idea why people would do such a thing. Reading. Geez.


Since we have already established that no one reads anything, why do we even both with Time Cues? The world may never know…!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:40
  • OSMresolutions – 02:03
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 03:22
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 05:33
  • Moments of OSM – 21:09
  • BoJack Horseman – 21:32
  • Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation – 24:25
  • Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson- 26:51
  • The 2014 OSMawards!
    • Manga
      • World Trigger – 30:10
      • Raqiya – 35:03
      • What Did You Eat Yesterday? – 36:52
      • Insufficient Direction – 40:50
      • My Little Monster & Say “I love you” – 41:50
      • My Love Story!! – 43:25
      • How VIZ Manga Got Their Groove Back – 44:35
      • The Heroic Legend of Arslan – 47:31
      • Final Mentions – 49:27
      • The Seven Deadly Sins – 50:28
      • Twitter Mentions – 55:49
    • Anime During 2014
      • Space Dandy – 61:22
      • Kuroko’s Basketball – 62:46
      • Haikyu!! – 63:44
      • Free! – 64:51
      • Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers – 65:09
      • Mushishi – 65:56
      • Sailor Moon Crystal – 66:32
      • Sega Hard Girls – 67:43
      • Gundam Build Fighters – 69:30
      • Rage of Bahamut: Genesis – 70:40
      • Hunter x Hunter Brotherhood – 71:30
      • Log Horizon (1st Season) – 72:21
      • Silver Spoon (2nd Season) – 74:28
      • Captain Earth – 76:58
      • Ace of Diamond – 78:37
      • Yowamushi Pedal – 81:03
      • Nobunagun – 83:07
    • More Anime During 2014!
      • Robot Girls Z – 85:42
      • Fate/stay night – 87:30
      • Samurai Flamenco – 93:56
      • Ping Pong The Animation – 95:40
      • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – 98:27
      • Blue Blazes AKA Aoi Honō – 102:03
      • Kill la Kill – 103:08
    • Anime That Started in 2014, But Still Kickin’ It in 2015
      • Watch Garo The Animation – 105:23
      • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – 109:41
      • Parasyte -the maxim- – 112:12
      • Gundam Reconguista in G – 113:15
      • Aldnoah.Zero – 116:15
      • Log Horizon (Season 2) – 117:31
    • Final Thoughts – 118:30

And in case anyone is in Birmingham this weekend, it’s Kami-con time! We’ll be there! Not running any panels… But we’ll be there! We’ll be going to other people’s panels and various other events. Like Vertical Comics’ panels! Chances are, you’ll be hearing all about it. But just don’t talk about it, be about it! Go to Kami-con! Check out the vertical panels and tell them how baller their manga is. That way, they’ll know we sent you.

OSMcast! The 2013 OSMawards Part II: Anime and Manga (But not in that order) 1-20-2014

The 2013 OSMawards for most Awesome Anime, Manga, and geez wow more anime again good lord are we ever going to shut up?

OK FOLKS! Strap in because we are in it for the long haul as the OSMcast! tackles all of anime and manga we could for our second half of the 2013 OSMawards. Over two hours of podcast insanity, all for you.

We talk about titans, part timers, tanuki, crowds, giant ro-bros, pants (or rather lack of pants), baseball, hunters, xs, more hunters, economics, bicycles, farming, infernos, vikings, flowers, gears, crocodiles with glasses on tier heads, just all SORTS of stuff!

We ALSO answer Gerald of Anime World Order’s question to Hisui of Ninja Cons- Reverse Thieves just because we CAN. Well, Kevin can. Only Kevin had the fortitude to withstand the might of such a question.


Basil on Twitter: @itsbasiltime
Kevin on Twitter: @Twitless_Kevin
OSMcast! on Twitter: @OSMcast

Also, the OSMcast! is now on tumblr! Go watch us tumbl about there.
Also Also, we are currently in this Aniblog Poll Thing We Guess?

And if you thought last episode’s Time Cues were insane, check these out:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:42
  • MOMENTS OF OSM – 05:14
    • Fire Emblem Awakening – 05:22
    • Duck (As in, how delicious it is to eat) – 07:17
    • Nintendo Doom n’ Gloom – 07:50
    • The Banner Saga – 10:00
    • More Nintendo Gabbing – 12:42
  • The 2013 OSMawards!
    • Manga
      • Viz Manga – 27:29
      • Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company M – 30:10
      • Sickness Unto Death – 34:16
      • Pink – 35:23
      • Wolfsmund – 38:03
      • Moon & Blood – 41:08
      • Paradise Kiss – 42:33
      • Attack on Titan – 44:45
      • GeGeGe no Kitaro – 50:16
      • Vinland Saga – 52:33
      • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin – 54:36
    • Anime That Finished in 2013
      • AKB0048 – 61:28
      • Chihayafuru – 62:32
      • Attack on Titan – 63:51
      • The Devil Is a Part-Timer! – 68:11
      • Maoyu – 69:30
      • Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – 71:19
      • Vividred Operation – 74:36
      • The Type-Moon Question – 76:47
      • Gatchaman Crowds – 79:00
      • The Flowers of Evil – 81:41
      • Silver Spoon – 84:29
      • Sunday Without God- 88:23
      • Symphogear – 90:05
      • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 91:11
      • From the New World – 93:27
      • Free! – 96:27
      • Touch – 99:49
      • Disappointments of 2013 (Valvrave the Liberator & Robotics;Notes) – 100:33
      • The Eccentric Family – 103:35
      • Inferno Cop – 108:56
    • Anime That Started in 2013, But Continues On
      • Golden Time – 113:00
      • Hunter x Hunter Brotherhood – 114:00
      • Season of Spoooorts – 117:26
      • Log Horizon – 126:36
      • Samurai Flamenco – 129:00
      • Kyousougiga – 132:25
      • Kamen Rider Gaim – 134:35
      • Kill la Kill – 136:40
      • Space Dandy (Because we can’t not mention it~) – 143:30
    • The Final 2013 OSMawards Choices on Anime – 144:00

OSMcast! OSM100: The 100th Episode and 5 Years of Podcasting of the OSMcast! 8-19-2013

Yikes, time moves forward what’s the deal with that.

5 years and change ago, three idiots with a microphone sat down and started talking into it. Then, they turned that microphone on. And plugged it into a computer. And conned a friend to edit the audio. And created a podcast.

Today, those same idiots release their 100th full-featured episode. This the OSM100, where the OSMcast looks back to the eerie past of the five years ago, to today, and to the future. We thank you all for this most amazing and well, awesome ride, and thank you for sticking with us for so long.

Here’s to 100 more.

OSMinterview! Nao Yazawa @ MTAC Devil’s Dozen

Nao Yazawa
Nao Yazawa

This episode of the OSMcast! is one of those chances that when presented to you, you just have to take. It’s a truly rare thing to get to interview a creator of something that you love, and even rarer for it to be someone from another country. In this case, it was manga and and a manga creator from Japan.

Specifically, we had the most wondrous opportunity to talk with Nao Yazawa, who has created such things as Wedding Peach, Nozomi, and most recently a series called Moon and Blood. We got to chat about her experience at cons, creating manga, and more. It was conducted at this year’s MTAC. Some may even know it as MTAC Devil’s Dozen.


Once again, gigantic thanks for MTAC and Nao Yazawa for this opportunity to chat with her.

While Wedding Peach is out of print, it’s currently not the hardest thing to track down. That said, Moon and Blood is very much in print, very shojo-riffic, and is a pretty enjoyable read. This is coming from Basil, who normally can tolerate vampire stuff only as Castlevania and Hellsing.

You can click on this for a larger sized version!
The manga page in question that Kevin asked about.

And as a favor we would like to ask the world: Like we mentioned in our previous MTAC podcast, when you have a chance to see a panel or talk to the creator of something? Take it. When it comes down to it, it’s that craziness that rests beneath their cranium that gives all the awesome in the world. The shows, games, comics that we get to experience and talk about in tweets, blogs, audio recordings set loose upon the internet. In many ways they are unsung heroes and heroines, and they are some of the most important people around in geekdom.

In other OSMnews, we already have the next episode mostly ready, so you should see an actual update next Monday! It is the last long lost episode we had left in the Pile of Shame that was last year, a roundtable about Toonami with the Chainsaw Buffet and Voice-Over Actor Supreme Micah Solusod. It’s only almost a year out of date! That’s still fresh, right? RIGHT?

So anyway look forward to it!

The Stuff Basil Paneled About at MTAC Omega

Ok folks I always keep promising that I’ll list out everything I panel about at cons… then never do. Soooooo here they are~

Getting Your Anime Groove Back

I have a bunch of anime I throw into a folder and pick out as I’m feeling it. So the line up changes up on occasion. I end up digging into episodes and pulling out bits for a quick overview for each, so you only get 4-5 shows a panel.

Manga That You Should Buy Right Now

This list is set in stone but in no particular order. It’s a PowerPoint-esque thing that works because there’s no video! I’m sure that if I do another panel, I can fill it it in with even more manga though~

OSMcast: House of Five Leaves 7-25-2011

Because a house certainly cannot have four, or six leaves. That just wouldn't do.

What’s this?! A podcast releasing on schedule?! Why yes… yes it is! The OSMcast! once again returns faithfully to your audio-listening side as we discuss Natsume Ono’s House of Five Leaves, with the manga being released by Viz Media and the anime being streamed online by FUNimation. Joining us for this not so action packed episode is the voice actor extraordinaire that is Micah Solusod, and Charlie from PodcastSuperFriends™  the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. It’s 41+ minutes of podcast fun!


House of Five Leaves is a thing that should be read! Or watched! So we expect that you all will be getting to that immediately. If you are already a smart, lovely, and amazing person that already knew about the wonders of House of Five Leaves, then would you like to try an awesome visual novel-styled game that isn’t porn? Perhaps a murder mystery? Might we suggest you take a look over at sakevisual? While you folks are working on that, we’ll be heading out to super hot and also steamy Baltimore, Maryland this weekend for an exciting adventure at Otakon. It will be exciting! And adventrous!

And at some point I’m sure we’ll be telling you all about it. In podcast form.

OSMcast: 2010 OSMawards! (Passive Edition) 01-10-2011

According to Lee: "The blue lines aren't because I drew it on notebook paper. They are in fact the enemy robot's barrier shield that the OSMrobo is ripping through."

As we all know, the first thing you do in a new year is to look back at the previous year, unless you have a decade to deal with. So to ring in 2011 we have got the first half of the 2010 OSMawards! In this just-shy-of-two-hours BEHEMOTH of a podcast we tackle the “passive” media of 2010. TV shows, movies, anime, novels, stuff you consume but don’t interact with… pretty much everything expect video games.  So strap in, get some nice hot cocoa a warmin’, and listen to us yammer for a while!

Bonus: And gaze up the MAJESTY that is OSMrobo that Lee drew while recording. His fists are fists of JUSTICE. And awesomeness.


Bonus props to Narutaki of Reverse Thieves for rising to the challenge letting us know her picks via Twitter to help us fill in the gaps! If you’s also like to your thoughts in on a particular subject before we record, just keep an eye out for Basil’s twitter feed. Usually the day of recording or so, he’ll be asking for input.

Speaking of asking for input, Basil was invited onto the Chainsaw Buffet podcast to further talk about the year 2010, which he did with gusto. Keep an eye for it!

OSMcast: Cross Game 11-8-2010

Cross Game. Sweet, sweet Cross Game.

It’s time to hit another OSMcast out of the park as we talk about Mitsuru Adachi’s Cross Game! That said, the only actual OSMcast player on this one is Basil, as everyone else was brought in from other podcasts. We’re joined by the Reverse Thieves: Hisui and Narutaki, as well as by Drew of Akihabra Renditions. So one could say it’s an All-Star team this episode. Also, it’s two hours long, probably because there was no one to keep Basil in check.

Musical Interlude: Girl Talk! Drew’s Moment of OSM becomes the soundtrack to which this episode rocks to. Considering the mash-up nature of this episode, it is somewhat appropriate!


You can stream Cross Game in anime form via Hulu, and you can purchase Cross Game in manga form from Amazon, among other retailers. And you should! It is amazing stuff, that will harm your heart and crush you soul, if you’d just let it!

Also watch Sym-Bionic Titan. And Star Driver. Both are quality mecha-fied experiences that deliver top-notch giant robot but also kids in high school action.

And if you happen to be in Huntsville, AL this weekend we’re helping throw a pretty awesome minicon on Saturday, where Basil will be running panels and DJ Inubito will be spinning beats.

OSMcast: RIN-NE 10-11-2010

dollar dollar bill y'all

Some people say that today is Columbus Day, where some dude in 1492 took an unexpected vacation to the Bahamas. Some others will tell you that today is National Coming Out Day, a day of civil awareness and discourse about LGBT, in which I have discovered is NOT the acronym for Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I just always get those confused! BUT NO. Today is actually the OSMcast Releases a Podcast about RIN-NE Day!  This Awesomely Recognized holiday (recognized by all human beings that like awesome things, and also puppies) is so called because today was the day we released an episode about Rumiko Takahashi’s latest manga work, RIN-NE.

How exciting!

OSMcast: Black Jack 8-30-2010

Black Jack. He's a REAL DOCTOR.

For this episode of the OSMcast! we decided to tangle with Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack, being released by Vertical. But frankly the dark doctor was more than we could handle alone, so we had to call in some  back up. Who in the world could save us? None other than Clarissa from the Anime World Order podcast! So come listen in as we talk about the surgical sweetness that is Black Jack.


While I know locally it’s not terribly hard to track down volumes of this manga, I also know you can always pick up a copy on Amazon. So buy it. You’ll thank us later.

You hear that, you're ALL going DOWN. ... With Laughter. At AWA.

And yes, that’s right in a mere matter of weeks the OSMcast! shall be taking our annual sojourn to greatest anime con of the southeast, Anime Weekend Atlanta. There will be thrills, chills, excitement, PODCASTING. Worlds will be rocked. Minds, BLOWN. Also, we have panels. Basil will be teaming up with Drew from Akihabara Renditions for two action-packed riveting panels of amazement. Now, if you listened to the podcast, and why wouldn’t you, you already know what’s going down. But for those of you that for some reason are reading this instead of immediately clicking on that arrow for audio epiphany, he’s some spoilers.

Okay I'll admit it. I just wanted an excuse to post this amazing poster.

For one, we’ll be hosting an Engrish Jamboree. Yeah, a whole panel of Japanese people trying to speaking English and failing spectacularly. It’s incredibly politically correct! And THEN, or perhaps before (I have no clue which panel comes first), we’ll he hosting AWA’s Wide World of Sports (Anime). In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a panel on sports anime, and why it’s awesome. And if you disagree, why you’re WRONG.

And speaking of being wrong, the Expendables was awesome and you like stuff being blown up, shot at, or stabbed and hearing wonderfully horrendous dialog you should have already seen it. Oh wait, I guess everyone already did. So uh, go see Scott Pilgrim! Apparently no one has gotten around to doing that yet.