OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 10-9-2017

Wait wait wait what 2 updates in a row is this 2017 or what geez SO ANYROAD yes the OSMcast is BACK yet again for a classic late night con report! This time, we stay up waaaaay too late on the Saturday night of AWA to talk about said con. Since Basil and Anna were the only ones from Team OSM around, we stacked the room full of amazing guests! Said guests include, Jared from Oldtaku no Radio, Drew from Akihabara Renditions, as well as Bonus Doug and Jeff! … From, well, they were in the room so good for them! Being in a room!

Protip: This was recorded in a hotel room at 3AM+ in the morning, so the the audio is not always the best. That’s mostly due to the whole hotel room thing, though!


Yep that sure was an anime con, so have some Time Cues already!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:34
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017
    • General Thoughts on AWA, Before and Now – 1:46
    • Thursday @ AWA 2017 – 23:27
    • Friday @ AWA 2017 – 45:48
    • Saturday @ AWA 2017 – 73:14
    • Sunday “@” AWA 2017 – 107:02
    • Final Thoughts about AWA 2017 – 108:56

OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 10-14-2013

AWA 2013

So here we are. A podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013. A podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 with Basil and Kevin as well as Charlie and Dylan from the Chainsaw Buffet. A podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 with Basil and Kevin as well as Charlie and Dylan from the Chainsaw Buffet where they talk about many things, from the sudden conventions growth, to food trucks, to what they did, panels that we were, lines that were long, fun that was had, some food trucks again, and just how big of a Carl Horn fanboy really is Basil, anyway?

So in other words, it was a podcast about Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013.


This was recorded on Sunday, edited all night on Monday, and released before we went to sleep. Therefore, no matter when you see this, or what the website may or may not say: We are calling this episode Up On Time. Throwing it up on the board. Claiming victory over defeat. Editing a photoshop file in our favor. This was the time it was ordained to be.

Speaking of  time, here have some Time Cues,

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 02:04
  • MOMENTS OF OSM – 07:49
    • Pokémon X and Y – 07:16
    • Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game – 13:03
    • Betrayal at House on the Hill – 18:03
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013
    • Setting the Stage of Discourse – 23:56
    • Thursday/Friday – 51:12
    • Saturday – 79:14
    • Sunday – 113:11
    • Final Thoughts – 123:57

OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 9-29-2012

AWA 2012

OK so you would THINK we would release the MTAC podcast before the AWA but that would make sense now wouldn’t it? WELL TOO BAD DEARIES. The Habe of My Heart, Dylan  edited  this up so it goes up now! He even posted a description I’m gonna totally steal but then edit so why did I bother who knows:

Basil, Kevin, and Mike from the OSMcast and Hamacon join Charlie, Dylan, and John from the Chainsaw Buffet at Anime Weekend Atlanta in the wee hours of the morning to talk about the con, the experience of the frequent con-goer, running panels, and… a lot of other things. We forget. It was really late, OK?


New episode on Monday! Now I have to commit!


Unrelated but important:

OSMcast: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 10-17-2011

Anime Weekend Atlanta
Anime Weekend Atlanta, September 28th - 30th, 2012

It’s that time again! The OSMcast continues it’s tradition of being a podcast where we cover conventions lately and occasionally some other stuff by going over the latest and greatest Anime Weekend Atlanta. The panels we ran, the panels we went to. The thrills, the parties, the giant robots, it’s all here!

Warning: Our wonder and amazing producer, DJ Inubito, is currently studying for a pretty major certification test, so Basil ended up hacking this episode into shape. Don’t worry though, it will never happen again! For all our sakes.


You’ll have noticed that the very same Ninja Consultants podcast we mentioned has already released and you can find it at the very post below this one! Also not mentioned, but totally should have, is the fact we got to meet Guy from DEEP Hurting and Jeff from Colony Drop. They are both awesome dudes and if you haven’t checked out DEEP Hurting or Colony Drop yet, you really should! The latest DEEP Hurting is Guy talking with Dave Merrill and Steve Harrison about Lensman and was probably the greatest audio thing to actually have come out of AWA.

Next time on the OSMcast, we finish out our con coverage for the year by talking about GMX in Nashville! Whoo, cons!

BONUS: Ninja Consultants Show #99 – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 2 with AWO and the OSMcast

They can be kinda sneaky. Expertly.

So. Funny story. Possibly even a cool story, bro kind of story. It’s really up to you to decide. ANYWAY. While we were recording our AWA podcast tonight, mentioning how we somehow ended up (I blame Daryl) on a future episode of the Ninja Consultants that was also about AWA (in theory), they went ahead and posted it!

… Maybe they are ninjas.

Also wow they are already at 99! Good job guys! And congrats st AWO for finally breaking 100 “real” episodes!

That said, we’re at 85 “official” episodes so far. Which means we are dangerously close to hitting 100 next year. That’s kinda scary…

OSMcast: Anime Weekend Atlanta 16 09-27-2010

Anime Weekend Atlanta - September 17th-19th, 2010

Another year, another AWA. Another AWA, another podcast about AWA! So here is our con-report on Anime Weekend Atlanta 16, recorded late late Saturday night in our secret lair within the confines of the Renaissance Waverly Hotel. It covers Friday and Saturday since at the time of recording, Sunday hadn’t even officially happened yet! We are joined by the most dapper of gentlemen that are the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. So come listen in on te THRILL that is us talking about panels! The EXCITEMENT as Basil talks about locking his keys in his car! The WONDER of anime fans in Atlanta!


As always, AWA was a grand ol’ time. We could type out all the awesome things we went to, but chances are you just listened to all of it! So instead I’m going to tell you all to go check out Dave Merrill’s webcomic ZERO FIGHTER. It’s pretty good stuff!

Also we know that the Scott Pilgrim podcast file is ending early. It apparently finished rendering too early and we didn’t catch it. We are in the process of fixing it and once we do we’ll edit this post to let you know the fixed version is in place so you all can re-download it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

OSMcrap: “The REALLY real real AWA 15 Experience (abridged)”

The Ozone Commandos also keep things real
The Ozone Commandos also keep things real

Once again we bring the real scoop on what really goes down at anime cons. This time we went to the fifteenth Anime Weekend Atlanta. We talked to lots of people! And yet, only 24 minutes came out of it. So next time I guess we need to talk to more people.


Due to technical-ish things occurring to make this post late, this post was made late. These things, they happen. Basil’s Internet could have been attacked by notorious waves of grizzsquirrles sent by the nefarious Other Kevin.Or perhaps the initial mp3 files did not mater correctly. I dunno!

Maybe it was the Ozone Commandos. Or a secret cabal of moe fanboys.

Who can say?

Dou(gai)jin Recordings CD 001: Renegade Remix Force
Dou(gai)jin Recordings CD 001: Renegade Remix Force

If the music in this podcast pleased you, perhaps you should make your way to Dou(gai)jin Recordings, where the music came from. We talk about them here from time to time, because they are awesome and people do not talk about them enough. They passed out CDs to the con goers at AWA, and should be uploading their latest said CD online sometime soon.

So by chance you got of these CDs, you should tell them all about it in this thread they made on the AWA forums.

Next week: Bloody. Gory. Ninjas.

It’s Black Lion!

OSMcast: Anime Weekend Atlanta 15 09-21-2009

Hell, I dunno either!
Hell, I dunno either!

This latest podcast is all about the anime con that just happened. It’s called Anime Weekend Atlanta. It was pretty awesome. And so here are two nightcap sessions we recorded on Friday and Saturday night. Aside from the usual crew of OSM Central, we also have our ever-present buddies over at Akihabra Renditions. And add that extra something with just adding Basil won’t cut it, Chad Bonin of GaijINside on Friday’s section and Niko of MTAC and GMX fame on Saturday’s section. Oh! And some guy named Dusty who happened to be on the room Friday night. We get the BIG NAMES here folks!

MAJOR SCREW UP: And once again, we apologize for mixing up names on the first half. When we say Rikki Simons, we actually meant Jonathan Tarbox. These two gentlemen are both awesome guys and we feel bad for mixing up names. We blame the fact that it was really late at night. Because honestlt, Tarbox is a freakishly amazing name and I have no idea how we could forget such name. I mean, Tarbox. Man.


Do you?
Do you?

AWA was amazingly awesome! Most excellent panel shout outs go out to Drew, Richard, and Dave Merrill for the great Classic Mecha panel. Clarissa’s Blackjack panel was also kickass, and major thanks for joining us for the Podcaster’s Roundtable. Gerald’s History of Hentai and AIC (Darius was awesome too!) panels were wondrous. And, of course, I do in fact Believe in Daryl Surat. Helen McCarthy’s Unknown Tezuka Panel was illuminating. Carl Horn’s and Jonathan “Completely not Rikki Simons” Tarbox’s State of the Manga Industry was excitingly candid.

And any other panels I’m not thinking of, were also probably amazing.

Id like to say Rail took the picture at this angle. So I will.
I'd like to say Rail took the picture at this angle. So I will.

… Like Vertical’s which has helped me start working on my Xmas list. See, there was just too much stuff to remember it all.

Speaking of the Podcaster’s Round table, I know one or two new podcast start-ups were there talking to us after the panel was over. EMAIL US. Basil commands this! It is osmcast@gmail.com. Anyone else, they can do this too! But especially the ones I’m talking about you know who you are.

Also, everyone can always call us on the OSMline: (209)-OSM-LINE aka (209) 676-5463.

And before I forget! Basil was a guest on the Channel Z podcast from Dragon*Con, and this one is video. Where we read Naruto fanfiction. Terrible Naruto fanfiction. You have BEEN WARNED.

Next week we’ll get real about AWA.

Really real.

OSMcast: AWA 14 9-22-2008

It’s only the first day back from the Anime Weekend Atlanta 14 and we’ve already got our podcast up and running about it! Listen to us talk about standing in line for things and panels we attended! And eating Stir-fry!

The alternate title for this episode is “Should Have Spanked Me With an Asteroid.”


I... Dont even know.
I... Don't even know.

But no, really, AWA was a ton of fun. We got to meet the folks behind AWO (Daryl, Gerald, and Clarissa), Greatest Movie Ever (Paul Chapman), and fellow new kids on the block podcast Akihabra Renditions (Drew Sutton).  Not only that, but they actually let some of us (Basil and DJ Inubito) on the podcasting roundtable panel.  THOSE FOOLS! But no really it was great and hopefully we didn’t sound too stupid.

I also (along with Lee) had the chance to interview Gina Biggs of the webcomic Red String (and the Strawberry Comics collective) for a little bit on Sunday, which will get it’s own segment later on in the week. And Inubito also took some photos at the con, and once I edit them I’ll post’em up on the site. Sadly while we knew there was some awesome FF12 cosplayers there that we had met at MTAC earlier this year, we somehow missed our chance and nabbing their photos. Sorry about that awesome FF12 cosplayers. 🙁

And if you are just tuning into us from AWA, welcome! Check out our Index of OSMs Past for previous episodes! Leave us comments! Send us emails! I’d say call us, but I think the OSMline is borked, and we may have to look into a new one.

But again, welcome new folks, hello again to our current listeners, thank you to podcasts that are greater than us, and until next time, stay frosty. And also stay tunned later on for our first ever OSMinterview!