It’s only the first day back from the Anime Weekend Atlanta 14 and we’ve already got our podcast up and running about it! Listen to us talk about standing in line for things and panels we attended! And eating Stir-fry!

The alternate title for this episode is “Should Have Spanked Me With an Asteroid.”


I... Dont even know.
I… Don’t even know.

But no, really, AWA was a ton of fun. We got to meet the folks behind AWO (Daryl, Gerald, and Clarissa), Greatest Movie Ever (Paul Chapman), and fellow new kids on the block podcast Akihabra Renditions (Drew Sutton).  Not only that, but they actually let some of us (Basil and DJ Inubito) on the podcasting roundtable panel.  THOSE FOOLS! But no really it was great and hopefully we didn’t sound too stupid.

I also (along with Lee) had the chance to interview Gina Biggs of the webcomic Red String (and the Strawberry Comics collective) for a little bit on Sunday, which will get it’s own segment later on in the week. And Inubito also took some photos at the con, and once I edit them I’ll post’em up on the site. Sadly while we knew there was some awesome FF12 cosplayers there that we had met at MTAC earlier this year, we somehow missed our chance and nabbing their photos. Sorry about that awesome FF12 cosplayers. 🙁

And if you are just tuning into us from AWA, welcome! Check out our Index of OSMs Past for previous episodes! Leave us comments! Send us emails! I’d say call us, but I think the OSMline is borked, and we may have to look into a new one.

But again, welcome new folks, hello again to our current listeners, thank you to podcasts that are greater than us, and until next time, stay frosty. And also stay tunned later on for our first ever OSMinterview!

OSMcast: AWA 14 9-22-2008
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4 thoughts on “OSMcast: AWA 14 9-22-2008

  • September 24, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    That Orpheus in the Cosplay Gallery was constructed by my archnemesis. Stop saying nice things about her and her PPG/Ouran/Persona 3 posse, even though they’re all smarter and more hardworking than me.

    For the record, there were NO RICKROLLS in the Panel OF DOOM! this year. In your defense, I played that before the panel started for about 30 seconds to say “see this? That’s not in the panel!” before actually beginning. You can read the full playlist here:

  • September 24, 2008 at 1:35 PM

    Ah, so it was a “presumptive rickroll” then?

    And I met your archnemesis in the registration line a few AWAs back before there was a Team Ouran (I guess Team Katamari?). I’ve already gotten used to saying nice things about them though so I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop.

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