It’s a con that knows how to rock out with it’s uh, anime out!

THE OSMCAST IS BACK! And we have brought back with us the motherload of Middle Tennessee Anime Convention con report in audio form goodness. You can even tell it was even recorded at the con4! (Some parts, more than others. Also we originally planned on releasing this much, much earlier.) Since MTAC decided this year to Go to 11, so did we. We start off being all self absorbed and talked about our panels with the wonderful gentlemen of Akihabra Renditions (and SeishunCon). Then we drug in the guys from Tennesse’s own Chainsaw Buffet podcast to talk about the convention itself. Finally, we get to have a chat with Nicholas Qualls (Senior Director of Public Relations), Christi Binkley (Director of Media Relation), and the big man himself Lucas Leverett (Convention Chairman, Senior Director of Venue & VIP Affairs). And in-between all these bits are on the spot and off the cuff interviews we had with the con goers themselves.

FUN FACT: We would have called this the MTAC Omegacast, but their name for next year is MTAC Omega! So I guess we’ll have to wait until next year as well. Darn! Also, this is probably now officially our longest podcast ever.


Sorry that we have been away so long! But rest assured, we are back and ready for action!

And by action, we mean Otakon. It’s going to be exciting!

OSMcast: MTAC Goes To 11! 5-2-2011
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One thought on “OSMcast: MTAC Goes To 11! 5-2-2011

  • July 13, 2011 at 7:35 PM

    Just wait until you hear about next year’s venue…

    Also, you guys going to make an appearance at PersaCon? I’ll be there doing the promo thing.

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