No other self-respecting podcast would even attempt something THIS real!

Man,  just when you thought it was safe to listen to podcasts, we had go and post this. It’s our long lost MTAC episode! Okay, so it was never really lost, but I guess it is kind of long! It’s also REALLY keeping it real. How real? Well it’s a collection of interviews we took as ran around like idiots as we talked to any attendee we could talk to. And also possibly some that didn’t really want to, either. So I guess that’s pretty real. Doesn’t get much realer than that, really.

Yeah, I have no real idea what I’m talking about either. But I guess I should mention that the audio quality is kind of crap, really.

Mad Props: Akihabra Renditions! Marc from said Renditions ran around with me as we did this and ended up doing a lot of talking in the end. So check them out when you get the chance. They do some pretty cool stuff.


Sadly the poster does not look nearly as awesome as the DVD cover.
Sadly the poster does not look nearly as awesome as the DVD cover. But the poster could STILL be yours!

Boy I kinda sound dumb in that there intro! That’s what I get for doing something alone. But don’t forget THE DRAGONBALL BASIL WANTS TO DUMP OFF THESE STUPID POSTERS CONTEST!

Send us an email at and tell us what you thought about the new Dragonball Evolution live action film. Perhaps you liked it! Or mayhap you hated it with a passion of a thousand suns. It could even be you are somewhere in between. Hell it can even be about the PSP game. No matter what the opinion is, we want to hear about it. To sweeten the pot, we are giving away two Dragonball Evolution posters. One is for our favorite email, and the second will be an email picked at random. Once you get said poster, do with it whatever you desire. Put it on your ball, or burn it in effigy! We don’t care!

Also, talk to us via the OSMline aka 206-202-0071 , and you may obtain the freakiest homemade Sackboy head EVER. No really one day, I’ll post a picture.

OSMcrap: “The REALLY real real MTAC Ninja Experience”

One thought on “OSMcrap: “The REALLY real real MTAC Ninja Experience”

  • June 9, 2009 at 4:00 PM

    I hope we pleased that guy wanting to see people vomit in the ramen eating contest.

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