So as it turns out, getting a puppy and seasonal allergies is a terrible combo, we do not recommend it. But with anime cons slowly returning to us, why not take a trip back to memory lane? That’s right, we’re back to our second episode of our OSMquest Kawaii Caper series! This time, we wrap up Thursday night and get into some Friday shenanigans. Cosplayers! A Dealer’s Room! PANELS. And more! Kawaii Caper is made by Ettin64, as a hack of Grant Howitt’s Honey Heist

It is the mid 2000’s in the beforetimes when anime conventions are still a thing and not a way to exacerbate a deadly public health crisis. CRONCH, the local anime convention in your mid-sized southern town is in its third year and has unexpectedly risen to regional prominence. And with that prominence comes sweet, sweet swag. It would be such a shame if something, or someone would happen to it. (Spoilers: We are those someones.) 

OSMquest! Kawaii Caper: The Search for the Cold-Steel Sorcerer’s Swag, Part 2
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