Hello Gentlepeople! We here at The Manderville Minute have been covering the amazing work of Manderville Family in all facets of Ul’dah life, and this time we have decided to tackle the most gentlemanly of gentlemen: Hildibrand Helidor Maximillian Manderville. He is a Manderville Man that can only do what a Manderville can, as he travels the realm as a self-titled “agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire” alongside his assistant, Nashu Mhakaracca. Now wait just a gosh darn moment… No, what do you mean this about an MMORPG called Final Fantasy XIV? No, this is an audio recording all about one of our great Thanalan heroes! Perish the thought that this could be about some mere game.

Spoiler Levels: Truffles à la Manderville! This is a sweet and fluffy episode. We do talk about all sorts of the events that you can find in the various Hildibrand Adventures in Final Fantasy XIV, up to and including the events and trial in Patch 6.55. While we don’t get into too much MSQ talk… If you want to go into Hildibrand completely unsullied, this is your warning.

Manderville Notes

Hope you all enjoyed the episode! Here’s a couple of useful links based off some of the things we talked about in this episode:

But also, don’t forget (since Tobias was nice enough to provide them) Time Cues:

  • 00:00:00 – Welcome to the Manderville Minute
  • 00:11:11 – Hildibrand in 1.0
  • 00:22:36 – Inspirations of a Hildibrand
  • 00:33:36 – Hildibrand Adventures’ Side Characters and Trials
  • 00:47:40 – The Future of Hildibrand
  • 01:08:38 – Our Predictions for Hildibrand in 7.0 and Outro

Music used in this episode: “Agent of Inquiry” composed by Masayoshi Soken, “The Pink Panther Theme” composed by Henry Mancini, “Theme from Lupin III 2015” composed by Yuji Ohno, “Where All Roads Lead” composed by Masayoshi Soken, “The Carbuncle Chronicle Theme” composed DJ Inubito and arranged by Anna.

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The Manderville Minute Issue XXII: “Gentleman Detective Solves Case, Again!”
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