When knowing is half the battle, your battle half for this podcast is that it’s a big ol’ humdinger. John got the chance to talk to one of the greats: Neil Ross. It’s hard to be more prolific than Neil. He was the voice of Shipwreck in the original GI Joe cartoons. The voice of Kieth in the original Voltron from 1984s. He was the voice of the Biff Tannen Museum Narrator in Back to the Future Part II. He was the voice the Green Goblin in the 1994 Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He was the voice of Mayor Domino in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

He was the voice of, okay we could just keep going but then we’d never get to the interview. He has been in a lot. He also happens to now be the author of Vocal Recall A Life in Radio and Voiceovers, a book you should absolutely read.


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OSMinterview! Neil Ross on 1/7/2024

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