This is the con we are talking about!
This is the con we are talking about!

Over two weeks past due, we bring you our Nekocon 11 con report! Short version: Totally fun. Long version: Listen to our podcast! /Basara

(We also complain about Gonzo and how much Rosario + Vampire sucks.)

Protip: We had to use the travel mic and it so happened the room we were in was really echo-y. You have been warned.


So yeah, we had fun! We totally want to go again next year if we can! If  you live in the area and somehow have not gone, make plans for next year. For real.

You have now seen the entire show in this one screen cap.
You have now seen the entire show in this one screen cap.Congratulations!

But we all now know that Nekocon is awesome. Now I’d like to point something we forgot to mention in in the World of OSM. You see that screen cap on the left there? See the next one below that? The place I stole the screens from is a site complaining on now two of the three main networks that air the recent season of this crap are censoring the fanservice.

This is the travesty that others have now bemoaned and wailed and the gnashing of teeth and crap. Bats are not fanboys best friends!
This is the travesty that others have now bemoaned and wailed and the gnashing of teeth and crap. Bats are not fanboys’ best friends!

Apparently the one factor that people are drawn to the show (more panty shots per capita than a season run of Ramna episodes starring Happosai) has gotten so outrageous the networks that agreed to let this show get advertising money that they are throwing cute bats everywhere to cover up the said 50+ panty shots per episode. Go figure.

Legend of Galactic Heroes 2 or Irresponciple Captain Kamina?
Legend of Galactic Heroes 2 or Irresponsible Captain Kamina? Only the Future knows!

Now, I will make no judgments upon the person for instead of using the phrase “panty shot” instead they use the phrase, “pantsu.” Whatever. The point is that even they are confused as to why the networks are even bothering. And to that sentiment I agree with them. However I have a different solution for you Osaka TV and Aichi TV. It’s really easy: Stop showing the show and show Nodame or Tytania or something I dunno… Good. Sure, it’s a wild idea that has no place in things like contacts or anything resembling logic and how these things actually work. I’d just rather see good shows being shown more than bad shows.

Well that was an unexpected rant! As always, you can contact us in an innumerable amount of ways. Commenting in our Comments Section always works. Email ( also works! Voice mails (206-202-0071) do too!

… Okay so there’s three ways! But they are all excellent ways of doing it. Ergo, so you should be doing it

OSMcast: Nekocon 11 11-24-2008
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3 thoughts on “OSMcast: Nekocon 11 11-24-2008

  • November 24, 2008 at 1:49 AM

    Oh and I haven’t watched the latest few episodes of Tytania so it could have turned to stupid when I wasn’t looking. I guess. I doubt it could be as bad as Roasrio + Vampire though.

  • November 24, 2008 at 4:37 PM

    No, it’s still pretty awesome as of episode 6. It went back to being Legend of the Galactic Heroes 2 for two episodes but I think it’ll swing back to Irresponsible Captain Kamina again in another episode or two.

  • November 25, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    If you guys can come up earlier and don’t mind air mattresses, yer more than welcome to crash at my apartment.

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