Hello Adventurers! Welcome to the Year of Our Yoshi-p Twenty Twenty Four. It’s going to be an exciting year, this 2024! Not only it’s the Lunar Year of the Dragon, it’s ALSO the year of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion: Dawntrail! And earlier in January we got a whole bunch of announcements made at the 2024 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo, Japan. From the final CG teaser trailer, to Pictomancer, to hrothgals lion ladies, and even [REDACATED], if it was in the keynote, we are here to talk into microphones about them.

Spoiler Levels: Hot! We may say it’s medium to hot in the episode, but let’s be honest. If you don’t care all that much about spoilers, they are medium. If you do care, they are hot. Maybe not Blazin’ Knock Your Butt Off… But you’ll probably will want to wrap up the latest stuff in Endwalker before you hit play.


Thanks to Tobias for continuing to pitch hit edit the podcast for Anna, it has been a life saver. Since we almost just go in order of the keynote, we don’t really have Time Cues this time. Just kick back, put the podcast on, and go grind some tomes. 

Tobis did do, however, is that he gave use what music is used in the episode. Which are The Carbuncle Chronicle Theme by Anna and DJ Inubito, “Battle on the Big Bridge” by The Black Mages, “Return to Oblivion (Scions & Sinners) by The Primals, “And Love You Shall Find” FFXIV Shadowbringers, and “Heartless (Chiptune)” by TESTS04.

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The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 20: The 2024 Tokyo FanFest Announcements!

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