Hello Adventures! With the advent of Dawntrail (the new expansion) on the horizon, and the current post patch cycle winding down, we thought it would be a nice time to talk about one of the new things Endwalker (the current expansion) introduced into Final Fantasy XIV: The Variant and the Criterion Dungeons. These are brand new types of battle-style content that kind does their own thing, and they’re pretty dang fun! And you can get cool stuff for doing them! But since they are optional things, maybe you haven’t done them yet? If not, let us take this chance to talk to you about why we think you should. And if you have already tried them out uh, well… listen to us anyway! You’re already here, why stop now. 

Spoiler LevelsPretty Low! Ignoring that you kinda have to have cleared the main chunk of Endwalker just to get to the post-patches where these dungeons show up, we don’t really delve too deep into any spoilers talking about them.


Have you tried the new Variant dungeons? Did you dip a toe into Criterion to see if it’s as hard (or as easy!?) as you thought it’d be? Were we the ones that finally convinced you to take the plunge, or were you already on board with the idea? Let us know in the Discord! Also:

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The Carbuncle Chronicle Issue 17: The Variant & Criterion Dungeons Primer

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