Huh! So, this was supposed to have released for Patrons over at our Patreon when the Carbuncle Chronicle came out. But uh… Basil didn’t realize he had the audio. Then, a bunch of us got covid, and then Anna had to have surgery! And while she is doing great now, recovering from surgery took much longer than anticipated. So now that everything has settled down and we can get out the episode we had unfortunately been sitting on… Basil discovered this audio. That was never released. And it’s been a minute. Therefore, we decided we’ll just go ahead and release this OSMbonus as an episode for everyone. So, have some bonus! That you may or may not be interested in listening to. It is mostly about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but we touch on a bunch of other things as well. 

OSMbonus! Extra Bits of Audio That People May or May Not Be Interested in Listening To
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