It began as an April Fool’s joke. On October 15th however, Culver’s decided to make their joke a reality. That day? October 15th, 2021: National Cheese Curd Day. The joke? The CurderBurger: a Deluxe ButterBurger® topped with a crown of golden fried cheese. Made up of a blend of yellow and white cheddar Cheese Curds all surrounded by crispy seasoned breadcrumbs, the cheese crown offers a warm, buttery crunch and gooey cheddar in every bite. Also? We were there. And we podcasted about it. Oh, and about their custard, but that’s more of a year-round sort of thing.

Then we forgot to edit and post that podcast for months. But, just like Culver’s, we finally made it happen. Months later. Enjoy!


So hey! How about then Culver’s? Still good stuff. More good stuff? More OSMcasts in the future! Including a new bonus thing for Patreons? Possibly. But until then, Time Cues:

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OSMcast! Show #185: Culver’s, CurderBurgers & Custard
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