And when you see Micah at conventions, make sure you ask him for that Fresh Tokyo Smile. He’ll appreciate it!

In a world where ALIENS live on EARTH and listen to podcasts that no HUMANS know about… That’s right in our latest episode of the OSMcast we are chatting about Studio Pierrot’s and David Production’s anime adaption of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Level E. We are joined by our fellows the Chainsaw Buffet as well as the man, the myth, the LEGEND (in our own minds) Micah Solusod.

Who also happens to be the voice actor for the up and coming baseball player Yukitaka Tsutsui, and much like character is known for his Fresh Tokyo Smile.


BUY IT. STREAM IT. STREAM IT SOME MORE. It’s Good Stuff. One might even say… Â OSMstuff.

And once again, much thanks for Micah for coming on and chatting with us this year. You should immediately go read his webcomic Ties That Bind right now.

Two updates on the correct updating schedule MY word what have we gotten ourselves into?! Now people will start to expect things from us oh man what have we done…

Thankfully, Otakon is coming up and we going again this year! This should provide plenty of chances for recording goodness, if the last time is any indication. So if you see, well hear, us, say hi!

OSMcast! Level E 7-22-2013
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