Sorry for the lack of updates, folks! The holiday season has turned violent upon us. And by us I mean me. And by me I mean Basil. Of course I’m the only one that writes on the site so there you go.

You see a week or so ago (on joyous Black Friday) I screwed up the rotator cuff on my right shoulder. These things are not normally screwed up-able, or at least it’s not easy. The fact of the matter that being a Prophet of the Awesome Word of OSM is a very Dangerous profession and one fraught with peril and grizz-squirrels and moe fans and Gonzo fans. It’s a battle of attrition where eventually one side had to give away, and it ended up being my shoulder. BUT FEAR NOT. While battle was won, the war is far from over. I have seen doctors. I have undergone treatments. I will emerge from this stronger and more powerful than they could possibly imagine.

I have also been confirmed to have sleep apnea which means I am also a cyborg when I sleep.

This means they’ll never catch me off guard.

Soon they’ll learn to fear.

I’m coming.

TLDR: The OSMcast! will be back as soon as we can.

Basil’s had issues.

2 thoughts on “Basil’s had issues.

  • December 8, 2009 at 5:52 PM

    seems everyone is getting injured these days, did someone hire assassins to take care of anyone involved with or listening to OSMcast?

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