Soooo yeah. OSM Central is located in scenic Huntsville and Madison Alabama. Where thanks to all those wonderful tornadoes, we have been out of power for the week. Which means we had no way at all to master a podcast.

But to let you know, it is about MTAC Goes to 11. It will be con report of epic proportions, with us teaming up with two other podcasts and an interview with the con chair.

However, it will now be out next week. Sorry about that!

PS: Everyone is safe and sound, and power is finally returning to us. So yay for that!

Podcast delayed a week, THANKS A LOT MOTHER NATURE.

One thought on “Podcast delayed a week, THANKS A LOT MOTHER NATURE.

  • May 4, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    Are you all okay. I like this podcast. I live in Austin TX, the is not a lot of anime to fine here. It is cool to be lisin to you guys

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