So I guess AWO just updated and Daryl Surat (like Saji Crossroad you have to say both parts of his name every time or else it doesn’t count), mentioned that our next episode will be featuring him. This is completely true! Daryl Surat of the Anime World Order will be on the next OSMcast, your podcast for everything awesome. It is in fact, an awesome cast. Now, while Daryl Surat did mention he’d be on the OSMcast he only mentioned us by our awesome podcast name. So people have been Google Searching us by using terms such as:

  • awesome cast
  • awesome cast daryl surat
  • osmcast
  • awesomecast surat

I figured if I made a post and dropped a bunch frequently used searching terms, it just might be easier for people to find this thing. So, having found us, welcome! Please, check out our podcast! Investigate our Index of OSMs Past! Suscribe using our RSS feed! We just released some interviews with Robert and Emily DeJesus as well as Sonny Straight. And come back next week when Daryl Surat of the Anime World Order will be talking with us on the next episode of the OSMcast, your podcast for everything awesome. The subject is in fact, Fallout, and yes it’s pretty much him schooling us on stuff we should have already known. It’s a fun episode though, we promise!

So it looks like the cat’s out of bag?

One thought on “So it looks like the cat’s out of bag?

  • April 23, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    I can certainly say that I wouldn’t be reading this if he hadn’t mentioned you guys, so it’s certainly not impossible to wind up here.

    The podcast seems pretty good so far, after listening to a couple of episodes, so I’ll definitely stick around.

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