Okay so for the past two weeks we’ve skipped out on the World of OSM… And it kind of built to a great big pile of stuff that needed to be caught up to. So here it is!


So we talked about this stuff (more or less):

  • Chrono Trigger DS!
  • Slayers Revolution!
  • Rock Band 2
  • DCvsMK fatality correction
  • FF13 on Xbox 360!!
  • Xbox Live + Netflix = Win! (However it was later clarified that everyone has to have a Netflix account to watch the movies. Still awesome though!)
  • Mii Avatars! And other Xbox 360 stuff. Microsoft made a pretty good press conference. However…
  • Nobody is interested in Animal Crossing: City Folk. And by that I mean the person we know as Nobody.
  • Wii Sports Resort is pretty cool we guess.
  • Wii Music makes my soul sad.
  • So much. My heart: broken.
  • So sad.
  • Sony’s conference was pretty meh for us as well. But uh… 256!!! I guess.
  • That game was called MAG (Massive Action Game). But we really don’t care.
  • Really Penny Arcade got it right.
  • Song Summoner for iPod
  • Anime Expo! Maybe they did well attendee-wise? Who knows!
  • Persona 4! In the US! December 9th! This year! YAY!
  • Hayate the Combat Bulter via Bandai Entertainment
  • The Girl Who Leapt through Time manga based on the film, actually via Bandai and not CMX like I said! (CMX released a different adaptation of The Girl Who Leapt through Time.)
  • Funimation now RULES THE WORLD! Ouran High School Host Club and 30 titles that was once held by ADV.
  • Kodansha is setting up a U.S. subsidiary to publish their own manga starting in September. Good, bad, or awesome? Guess we’ll find out!

Yeah, it was a lot of stuff.

OSMcast: Catchin’ up on the World of OSM 7-18-2008

One thought on “OSMcast: Catchin’ up on the World of OSM 7-18-2008

  • July 18, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    $300 deluxe controller? What kind of nerd would waste their money on that?

    *plays on his $250 Pop’n Music controller on top of his $40 stand*

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