Are you read for some unbridled passion as two souls burn brightly about Grand Theft Auto the Fourth? Well too bad we’ve already recorded it!


Though to be fair, we ended up playing Street Fighter III: Third Strike afterwards instead. Will there be another Inubito/Basil podcast about the upcoming Street Fighter TV once it releases? Oh yes. And who knows… since we only scratched the surface that is GTA IV, there may be another about GTA IV in the far flung future. For example if you wanted an in depth discussion on how Niko’s journey into America as an immigrant was portrayed in the game compared to how it is seen and actually is in America, well… We could do that.

Or we could talk about playing darts and going to strip clubs in the game. Whatever floats your boat.

And as always tell us about these things and your opinions in the comments section, send us an email (osmcast@gmailDOTcom), or throw down a voice mail our way!

inubito on aim: holy shit 52:07. lol
Basil on aim: NICE!
inubito on aim: wrd
Basil on aim: that’s just how we roll. lol
inubito on aim: True that.
OSMcast: GTA IV 6-13-2008
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One thought on “OSMcast: GTA IV 6-13-2008

  • June 16, 2008 at 5:02 AM

    Damn, that’s a long podcast. I’m not saying that’s bad, because it was good and I’ve never played GTA4, I thing I will now, probably next game I buy unless a cool RPG comes out before then. Still it was hard finding a good time to listen to this.

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