This is the most desu podcast on the Citadel

We did a podcast for the beginning. We did a podcast for middle. It is now time to release our podcast for the end.

Of Mass Effect 3, anyway!

Basil and Twitterless Kevin is joined up with Hisui from the Reverse Thieves to cover the highs, the lows, and everything in between on defeating the Reapers once and for all. And yes, we even cover the ending.


Protip: And despite recording before the DLC was announced, we even called it!

Special super-duper awesome thanks goes to Hisui for not only chatting with us, but also editing it as well! The man deserves a medal.

So hit up their website and check out all their SWAT reviews for all the new anime of the season!

Next time we will FINALLY release the long lost episode on a certain Ghost Rider film that was in theaters for like, a week.

It will be the most timely thing ever!

OSMcast! Mass Effect 3 4-16-2012
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