GMX Volume 3, October 21-23. 2011

Happy Halloween! But for the OSMcast, it’s just Monday. Another day, another convention. The last con the OSMcast! decided to cover this year was the Geek Media Expo in glorious Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a cornucopia of all things geek, media, and exponential and so we realized we couldn’t do this sort of thing alone. So we drug in the wonderful Chainsaw Buffet dudes and dames to chat with us about the con. We talk about panels, parties, parking, and the most annoying fangirl around. It’s a fun time!


That said, while this the last con the OSMcast! is covering, it’s not the last con the OSMcast! will be at! We’ll be at the HAMACON Holiday Minicon in Huntsville, Alabama  on November 12, 2001! Basil is one of the directors of the con, so we can’t very well objectively cover it. That said, you know it will be awesome. Basil guarantees it! (He kinda has to, as he is the Director of Awesome of the con.)

OSMcast: GMX Volume 3 10-31-2011
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