Summer Wars
Hey when you get to watch animation looking this good, your jaw is going to drop it like it’s hot as well.

Since last time we talked about a movie that was awesome and incredibly hard to find at a decent price, we decided to instead talk about a movie that is awesome and quite readily available! So here’a s a podcast all about Mamoru Hosoda’s and studio MADHOUSE’s Summer Wars.


The internet is down and I’m having to update this from my phone, sooooo here’s some copy and paste about our plans for MTAC:

And as you no doubt may have heard on said recording, we are doing a variety of panels at MTAC! From teas to engrish to Go Nagai, we’ve pretty much going to have you covered about what’s important in life.

(Note: The times are of course tentative and subject to change at MTAC’s needs and/or whims!)

  • Engrish Jambore (Panel 3, Friday 2PM): Basil and Drew shop off a bunch of Engrishy-clips.
  • Tea: Green and More! (Panel 4, Friday 6PM): the elusive Doug throws down on the haps in tea.
  • Anime’s Creepy Uncle:Â Go Nagai At A Glance (Panel 4, Friday 9PM): Basil and Kevin look through the works and craziness of anime and manga creator Go Nagai.
  • Getting Your Anime Groove Back (Panel 3, Saturday 5:30PM): Think you might be getting out of anime? Well Basil just might have some shows to get you back in the game, as it were.
OSMcast: Summer Wars 4-18-2011
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