Mordin: This is the new why you play Mass Effect.

It’s a new month! To celebrate the OSMcast! decided to talk about a game from the even more not-too distant past than the last time. So here’s a podcast where we talk about BioWare’s scifi RPG/shooter hybrid sequel Mass Effect 2!


The OSMcast! is once again going to MTAC! And, craziness of craziness, we are running panels. Several, in fact!

  • 20th Century King: A look at Naoki Urasawa: the OSMcast! will be looking at one of the most awesome manga and anime creators of our time, Naoki Urasawa. Perhaps you may have heard of him! We’ll be looking stuff from as early as Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (Maybe even Beta!!!), through Master Keaton and Monster, and even his latest stuff like 20th Century Boys, PLUTO, and Billy Bat. We’ll also be coving the various forms his works have taken, like the Monster anime (that has been running on SciF- I mean, SyFy, and the 20th Century Boys live action films.
  • Tsundere: Why do we love the ones that hate us most?: The panel we ran at Ohayocon returns, bigger, badder, slightly less out of our asses! Ah, tsunderes. You know the “I hate you! But I love you! But I hate you! But I-” types best exemplified by say, Akane from Ranma 1/2. This is a panel dedicated to those wonderful ladies (and guys in some cases) that can go from raging demon to moe moe in under six seconds. We, the intrepid risk takers and go getters here at the OSMcast! will be talking about this most classic of anime tropes. The history, the whys, the hows, and we’ll probably even get pissed off at you, before secretly showing that we actually like you.
  • The Works of Rumiko Takahashi: This is a panel borne from the hot fiery shounen bro-lliance that is the OSMrenditions (OSMcast! + Akihabara Renditions) this is a panel where we talk about Rumiko Takahashi. And probably argue about her stuff a lot. It should be pretty entertaining!
OSMcast: Mass Effect 2 4-5-2010
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