Remember back in the day, when you could throw a bunch of people into the same space together? Just bunch a people all grouped up into rooms, to be able to get some education? Yeah, it was a fairy tale then too. But maybe, just maybe, if you went to Greendale Community College you could learn a lesson. About life. Or, at least how TV shows work. This is the OSMcast! episode where we talk about the TV show Community, created by Dan Harmon.


First things first, congrats to John and Mike for finally getting Twitch Affiliate for TheseAreVideoGames! Secondly, sure you should probably watch Community on Netflix, so they’ll spend Netflix money on the hopefully eventual Community movie!

Thirdly, MomoConline just wrapped up! I hope everyone enjoyed the virtual con experience. If you want to go back in time to relive those virtual memories, check out Momocon’s YouTube page! We know that they are uploading panels from the weekend, which include some of ours! At least, until the copyright faeries take them away…

Fourthly, Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcasting – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:35
  • TheseAreVG, The Now Twitch Affiliated Channel! – 02:17
  • Moments of OSM – 03:37
    • Roman Empire (the Netflix Documentary) – 03:43
    • Star Trek: Discovery – 05:37
    • Laid-Back Camp – 10:43
    • Kid Icarus (the NES one!) – 12:56
    • Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- – 16:33
  • Community – 17:49
    • Community, Sans Spoilers
    • Community, Full of Spoilers, but ALSO Questions from Listeners Like You! (Look, we had a lot of questions!) – 44:14
    • OSMs out of OSM and Final Thoughts – 76:35
OSMcast! Show #160: Community
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