Yeah, I got nuthin. But chainsaws.

Why hello there! Would you like a podcast? Because we have one! The story of this podcast is thus: Basil was super busy and did not have to plan or assemble a normal OSMcast, and so enlisted the mightiest warriors from throughout the land.

And ended up with John and Dylan from the Chainsaw Buffet. And as we had more Buffet than OSM this time, the podcast runs the gambit of wild and crazy things such as TV shows, anime, tabletop gaming, and more. It’s a cornucopia of a scattershot of topics that will be sure to please one and all.

Or at least Hisui.


LOOK YOU ARE LUCKY TO GET A PODCAST, ALRIGHT?! We’ll try to get some time cues in here, but no promises.

OSMcast! When Planning is Few, Impromptu Will Do 10-28-2013
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One thought on “OSMcast! When Planning is Few, Impromptu Will Do 10-28-2013

  • October 29, 2013 at 5:45 AM

    I’m not how in the first 10 minutes this podcast made me sound like a drug kingpin when I’m not only drug-free but the naive square that people think will narc on them.

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