For those keeping track from the previous BONUS, the PSN won. ūüôĀ

The MTAC podcast is on it’s way, but in the meantime here’s a podcast where¬†Basil¬†joins the fine fellows of ¬†One Pixel Jump and talk about this year’s¬†Electronic¬†Entertainment Expo, aka E3. Listen on as they discuss the¬†conferences, the¬†Cheetos, the Reggies, the Vitas, the Kinects, the dramas, the pathos of video games.

And by pathos I mean ModNation Racers, and also Dragon Quest.

Because¬†that’s¬†what you get when you let me (and by me I mean Basil) talk about video games.

OK look. ModNation¬†Racers¬†is awesome, and so is Dragon Quest, alright? Really, it’s s shame we never got around to doing a Dragon Quest IX podcast. Maybe one day I’ll hound down Greggo and force him to talk about it for an hour with us. Ah, dreams~

BONUS: OPJ Podcasts! E3 2011: “This is the Second Coming of Hats!”
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