We’re at Ohayocon! THIS WEEKEND!

We even have panels! Crazyness.

Friday at 4PM in Panels 6 (Grant/Harding) we’ll be running the panel Tsundere: Why We Love the Ones That Hate Us Most. This will be a look at the popular character archetype, where did it come from, and why it works. This one will most likely have pictures and PowerPoint and snazzy stuff like that. In other words, we have to work at actually making this panel happen, with research and stuff! This is very scary!

On Saturday at 1PM in Panels 3 (Union D-3) we’ll be hosting the Podcast Jamboree! It will be a panel about podcasting. We’re pretty sure you what that is.

And sorry for the lack of episode. -_- Different people have different files and somehow we failed to get them all in the one place so Inubito can edit it.

OSMcast @ Ohayocon!

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