Everyone is CAH-RAZY over those zany robots!
Everyone is CAH-RAZY over those zany robots!

Because we just weren’t done talking about ladies blowing up robots, we decided to continue forth with our opinions on Mamoru Oshii’s movie adaptation of the Masamune Shirow classic, Ghost in the Shell!

Spoiler: We lied! The movie is actually about basset hounds.


One of the pluses on reviewing a hallmark of Japanese animation, especially as one so uh, digital as Ghost in the Shell, is that you can find the DVD for it pretty cheap. I mean, like $12.04 and $12.14 with free shipping cheap. Or if you have a really banging 6.1, 7.1, or Whatever is the Lastest Greater than 5.1 Surround Sound System then I suppose you could pony up the extra 10-20 bucks to grab the special edition that’s floating around. Of course, chances are that if you an afford such a sound system, you can afford the extra money for the DVD.

Apperently tensai means genius.
Apparently “tensai” means “genius.” … Yeah.

Ol’ Robert Pelloni (aka Bob) is still hard at work living locked up in his room as protest to Nintendo for not getting to him the tools he needs to move his project (the eventually DS game “Bob’s Game”) into the realm of retainability. Good luck Bob! After I’ve started playing Chrono Trigger on the DS, I’ve realized I need more RPGs that look and play like they should on the SNES in my life. And yours looks like an SNES-era Enix knockoff, so I have hope!

Robotrek is awesome and Bob should be inspiried to even greater... greatness by these pixels. I know I am.
Robotrek is awesome and Bob should be inspired to even greater… greatness by these pixels. I know I am.

I’m serious here, unheard of Enix games like Soul Blazer and Robotrek are the best. Okay, so most all the Quintet-developed games pre-Grandstream Saga are the best, but still! I loved those games and your (Bob’s) game reminds me off them. I only worry that much like many other projects that started with much fanfare and the developer shooting his mouth off on how the great his game is only for the games to crash and burn, yours will not stand the test of time. I hope you can prove my worries are for naught!

As long as, you know…

Nintendo calls you back and stuff.

OSMcast: Ghost in the Shell 01-05-2009
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One thought on “OSMcast: Ghost in the Shell 01-05-2009

  • January 6, 2009 at 6:45 AM

    I for one would like to appologize for the many, many times I said “tit” in this podcast, it’s not about tits, it’s about basset hounds and I think I forgot that somewhere.

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