Macross Frontier

It’s all about high flying, mecha, idol sings, and guns, lots of guns in this episode of the OSMcast! Of course, the topic is the latest Shoji Kawamori epic, Macross Frontier.


Okay I think we are back on track and ready to rock. Inubito’s actual main computer should be arriving this week, which means he won’t have to try and hack at editing this podcast on his laptop.

This is good news for the world.

(What’s not good news for the world is that as I’ve been editing the post for this podcast my power has gone out twice. So let’s rush though this and get this suff up before it’s too late.)

Macross Frontier is, like we said, in no way licensed for the US and may never be. So our only recourse is the wide wonderful world of torrents and downloading. I’m pretty sure that the right Google search can point in you the right direction.

This is how Singapore sees Bubblegum Crisis. In very small preview images.
This is how Singapore sees Bubblegum Crisis. In very small preview images.

Next week we plan on talking about Bubblegum Crisis, that classic 80’s anime about hot chicks in powered armor blowing up robots. It really doesn’t get more awesome than that. Of course, I now realize that I think that Daryl Surat of AWO is also reviewing BBC in their next episode… So let’s see who updates with their BBC podcast first! It’ll be exciting! … Or possibly not.

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OSMcast: Macross Frontier 12-22-2008
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