Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

We’re kicking off October in style with a three man tag team take on Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Start updating your podcasting Social Links now!


You should own this game.

See here even GameStop has it new online RIGHT NOW. And Wal-Mart. And Target. Best Buy. Amazon.

Lets see Inspector Zenigata catch this!
Let's see Zenigata try to catch this!

They all have it and they are waiting for you.

Unless you already own it. Then you’re fine. You’re cool.

The rest will have to see me after class.

In other news of awesome we have the Gina Biggs interview ready and will be releasing it on Wednesday, so if romantic webcomics are your thing then be sure to check it out!

The Future of Anime, or Basils Pipe Dream?
Future of Anime, or our special Pipe Dream? We’ll just have to see.

Also we will be attending Huntsville’s latest Sci-fi/Anime/Comics/Games/Whathaveyou convnetion CrisisCon (Oct 31-Nov 2), and should be hosting a podcast roundtable there. If you have a podcast and would be interested in attending, please let us know! I mean we can’t be the only local podcast in the Huntsville area, right?

We are already hoping these guys will show up!
OSMcast: Persona 3 10-6-2008

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