BONUS: Ninja Consultants Show #99 – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 2 with AWO and the OSMcast

They can be kinda sneaky. Expertly.

So. Funny story. Possibly even a cool story, bro kind of story. It’s really up to you to decide. ANYWAY. While we were recording our AWA podcast tonight, mentioning how we somehow ended up (I blame Daryl) on a future episode of the Ninja Consultants that was also about AWA (in theory), they went ahead and posted it!

… Maybe they are ninjas.

Also wow they are already at 99! Good job guys! And congrats st AWO for finally breaking 100 “real” episodes!

That said, we’re at 85 “official” episodes so far. Which means we are dangerously close to hitting 100 next year. That’s kinda scary…

BONUS: The Speakeasy #018: Ghostbuster, A Kekkaishi Introduction

This is the stuff!

It’s BONUSPALOOZA! This time, Basil goes to digitally chill with the intrepid, dashing, and always classy Reverse Thieves on their Speakeasy podcast as we talk about Kekkaishi. You know, the greatest and most awesome shonen series you people still aren’t paying attention to! See, we know this, because we talked about this show on the OSMcast waaaaaay back in show #11. That was back in June of 2008 (holy crap we’ve been doing the OSMcast longer than I thought!), before the anime was licensed and only the manga was coming out under people’s noses.

Three years later, it’s been on Hulu, Cartoon Network, and soon to DVD.



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I meant to get this bonus up sooner, but work intervened. And Infamous 2. And the new Zelda 3DS game. And three volumes of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. And a volume of  20th Century Boys.

… Maybe I was lazy. (Nah!)

BONUS: OPJ Podcasts! E3 2011: “This is the Second Coming of Hats!”

For those keeping track from the previous BONUS, the PSN won. 🙁

The MTAC podcast is on it’s way, but in the meantime here’s a podcast where Basil joins the fine fellows of  One Pixel Jump and talk about this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3. Listen on as they discuss the conferences, the Cheetos, the Reggies, the Vitas, the Kinects, the dramas, the pathos of video games.

And by pathos I mean ModNation Racers, and also Dragon Quest.

Because that’s what you get when you let me (and by me I mean Basil) talk about video games.

OK look. ModNation Racers is awesome, and so is Dragon Quest, alright? Really, it’s s shame we never got around to doing a Dragon Quest IX podcast. Maybe one day I’ll hound down Greggo and force him to talk about it for an hour with us. Ah, dreams~