OSMinterview! Lula Cosplay & Scissor Wizard Cosplay @ Hamacon 9

OK so, we here at the OSMcast are not exactly a um, well. dealers in the visual medium. We deal more in the business of audio. If we were a Transformer, we’d be best represented by Blaster or Soundwave. Really what we are getting at here is that this episode is a whole audio feast about a visual medium known as costume play. You know, cosplay. Specially, an interview with the wonderful cosplayers Scissor Wizard Cosplay and Lula Cosplay. There were the cosplay guests for Hamacon 9, and we were very happy to chat with them about costuming.


Thank you to both Lula Cosplay as well as Scissor Wizard Cosplay for talking with us! You can follow Scissor Wizard Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube! You can also find Lula Cosplay on Facebook, as well as Instagram, Twitter, and check out her store on Etsy!

If you happen to be in North Alabama this weekend, Lulu Cosplay will be at the Hamacon Minicon 2018, selling amazing things and also running a workshop about making kanzashi flowers~

Also Basil has panels, Dylan runs the Analog gaming area, and it’s just going to be a blast. You should go!

OSMcast: Otakon 2011 8-22-2011

Continuing our Otakon podcast extravaganza, on the OSMcast proper we are joined by Hisui of Reserve Thieves fame as we talk about Otakon on a Saturday. The sights, the sounds, the movie premiers. The on-air crushing of a hearts as news of Satoshi Kon’s last work remains in limbo. We even get to talk to a few con goers to see how con was shaping up for them, at the con itself. All these and more await you in this episode of drama and pathos and being recorded waaaaay too late at night!

Otakon: July 29 - July 31, 2011 Baltimore, Maryland


Just a glimpse from the Art of Akira exhibit

In case you have forgotten or somehow missed it (How you could have we have no clue, UNLESS YOU ARE IGNORING US. You jerks.), you can check out our guest appearance on The Speakeasy talking about Friday at Otakon here. You may have noticed we also got to talk to the guy that has brought the Art of Akira to the world. Let me tell you folks, seeing that stuff up close and hands on was quite amazing. Honestly, while Basil did take some shots of the Otakon exhibit on his phone, the stuff on the website is 10x more amazing and you should look at all of them. You can check out his website here, but if you can make it out to DragonCon and AWA this year please so check out the actual exhibit. You’ll be glad you did.

On the next OSMcast, we’ll be talking about one of the premiers we were able to partake of at Otakon. We’ll be reviewing Makoto Shinkai’s Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below along with Gerald from the AWO. It’ll be fun!

The Getting Your Anime Groove Back List from MTAC 11

Hey folks, Basil here!*

When I was running my Getting Your Anime Groove Back panel at this past MTAC, I recieved several requests to post the list online. So I went ahead and posted it in the MTAC Forums, but here it is again just in case:

So there you go! If you were at the panel, I hope you had a great time and found something that you like! If you weren’t at MTAC, well check some all of these out anyway. You might just like one, or two!

Maybe even three!

*I’m the only one that posts on the webapge, so I guess I’m always here, huh?