OSMinterview! Micah Solusod @ MTAC 15 to Life


Waaaaaaaaaay back in the earlier days of the OSMcast!, we met a young man named Micah Solusod. Turned out he was the English Voice Over Artist for the role of Soul in Soul Eater. Since then, the man has gone to do a whole lot more of that Voice Over Stuff! Guy’s been in Wolf Children, Kamisama Kiss, and just recently was one of the main guys in the English adaption of Ping Pong: the Animation!

So we decided it was time to get back in touch with the kid, and see what was going down lately. This happened at MTAC 15 to Life this year, in a press conference style sort of the affair along with the Chainsaw Buffet and some other wonderful folks. Please, have a listen.


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OSMcast: House of Five Leaves 7-25-2011

Because a house certainly cannot have four, or six leaves. That just wouldn't do.

What’s this?! A podcast releasing on schedule?! Why yes… yes it is! The OSMcast! once again returns faithfully to your audio-listening side as we discuss Natsume Ono’s House of Five Leaves, with the manga being released by Viz Media and the anime being streamed online by FUNimation. Joining us for this not so action packed episode is the voice actor extraordinaire that is Micah Solusod, and Charlie from PodcastSuperFriends™  the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. It’s 41+ minutes of podcast fun!


House of Five Leaves is a thing that should be read! Or watched! So we expect that you all will be getting to that immediately. If you are already a smart, lovely, and amazing person that already knew about the wonders of House of Five Leaves, then would you like to try an awesome visual novel-styled game that isn’t porn? Perhaps a murder mystery? Might we suggest you take a look over at sakevisual? While you folks are working on that, we’ll be heading out to super hot and also steamy Baltimore, Maryland this weekend for an exciting adventure at Otakon. It will be exciting! And adventrous!

And at some point I’m sure we’ll be telling you all about it. In podcast form.

OSMinterview: Micah Solusod @ HamaCon

Micah Solusod

Back in June at HamaCon here in Huntsville, AL we got the chance to talk to one of Funimation’s freshest talents, Micah Solusod! He’s probably best known for his work as Soul Eater Evans in Soul Eater. However he has already been in several roles, including stuff from Birdy the Mighty Decode, Big Windup!, and Corpse Princess. He recently has reopened his website which you should totally check out.

Protip: When conducting podcast interviews, do not record them right beside air conditioning units. This is very important!