OSMinterview! Nao Yazawa @ MTAC Devil’s Dozen

Nao Yazawa

Nao Yazawa

This episode of the OSMcast! is one of those chances that when presented to you, you just have to take. It’s a truly rare thing to get to interview a creator of something that you love, and even rarer for it to be someone from another country. In this case, it was manga and and a manga creator from Japan.

Specifically, we had the most wondrous opportunity to talk with Nao Yazawa, who has created such things as Wedding Peach, Nozomi, and most recently a series called Moon and Blood. We got to chat about her experience at cons, creating manga, and more. It was conducted at this year’s MTAC. Some may even know it as MTAC Devil’s Dozen.


Once again, gigantic thanks for MTAC and Nao Yazawa for this opportunity to chat with her.

While Wedding Peach is out of print, it’s currently not the hardest thing to track down. That said, Moon and Blood is very much in print, very shojo-riffic, and is a pretty enjoyable read. This is coming from Basil, who normally can tolerate vampire stuff only as Castlevania and Hellsing.

You can click on this for a larger sized version!

The manga page in question that Kevin asked about.

And as a favor we would like to ask the world: Like we mentioned in our previous MTAC podcast, when you have a chance to see a panel or talk to the creator of something? Take it. When it comes down to it, it’s that craziness that rests beneath their cranium that gives all the awesome in the world. The shows, games, comics that we get to experience and talk about in tweets, blogs, audio recordings set loose upon the internet. In many ways they are unsung heroes and heroines, and they are some of the most important people around in geekdom.

In other OSMnews, we already have the next episode mostly ready, so you should see an actual update next Monday! It is the last long lost episode we had left in the Pile of Shame that was last year, a roundtable about Toonami with the Chainsaw Buffet and Voice-Over Actor Supreme Micah Solusod. It’s only almost a year out of date! That’s still fresh, right? RIGHT?

So anyway look forward to it!

OSMinterview! Mark Meer @ Momocon 2013

(That's kinda rude...)

It’s like he’s pointing at himself!

In tonight’s ACTION PACKED episode of the OSMcast!. we team up with the Chainsaw Buffet to interview one Mark Meer at Momocon 2013. You probably have heard him giving voice to the male half of everyone’s favorite Commander on the Citadel, Commander Shepard of Mass Effect*. As it turns out, he’s worked with BioWare for much longer than one might be aware!

*Not that the OSMcast has liked the Mass Effect series of games or anything.


We’d just like to thank Momocon and Mark Meer for letting him chat it up with us, even if all it did was make us wish we could have talked with him more!

Also, hey did you see the new website? We have one! It’s looks all NEW. Unless this is your first time, in which case it probably looks all old. Or at least normal, I guess.

Either way, welcome! If you haven’t checked us out lately, please peruse our Index of OSM, the archive of all our audio to date. As it turns out we have been running on and on for five years and you tend to accumulate a bunch of stuff in that time! In fact, we are dangerously close to hitting episode 100! If you have any ideas for that, let us know! We’re plumb out.

BONUS: Geek Media Expo Volume 4: Doug Walker by way of Chainsaw Buffet


Welcome to 2013! The usher in this bold new year, we decided to run content that we were in as an update so you know that we are not quite yet out of the game. And by we, I mean Kevin. He joined up with the Chainsaw Buffet guys at this past GMX to talk to “That Guy With The Glasses” himself, Doug Walker, to talk about his past, present, and upcoming projects. Or so UNDERSCORE JOHNNY GO claims.

Next week, something no one HAS EVER HEARD OF BEFORE!!!!!!!!!

The Rob Paulsen Press Conference at GMX Vol. 4


Hellooooooo, Rob!

It’s Catch Up Week* here at the OSMcast where we realize that the Chainsaw Buffet guys posted audio we were in and so we should PROBABLY post that up as well.

So for today’s** Catch Up we have got for you the audio from the press conference the  wonderful people at GMX  set up for Rob Paulsen. Chances are, Rob has voiced everyone from cartoons you cared out that wasn’t done by Steve Blum*** or John DiMaggio***. He’s the the voice behind Raphael from the 1987 cartoon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yakko Warner and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff from Animaniacs, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs, and ALSO voice of Donatello from the NEW Ninja Turtles cartoon. And he’s also pretty amazing. But chances are you know that already****!

*Actually it’s just today.
**We posted both Catch Ups today.
****You know that already because you already listened to this thanks to the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. Right? RIGHT??

OSMinterview: Jessica Straus @ HAMACON 3


Jessica Straus

This is ACTION PACKED episode full of DRAMA AND PATHOS Basil interviews voice over artist Jessica Straus! She has done many a voice from many a thing, like Juri from Super Street Fighter IV, the Amazon in Diablo 2, Gidget from Eureka 7, Sasha from Infamous 2, and a whole bunch more. And we should point out, while we are known far and wide throughout the land as the podcast that asks HARD HITTING questions, we don’t think you have heard questions asked quite like some of these.

This could be both our greatest and worst interview ever done to date.


An update?! On a Monday! What is this…?

I dunno but maybe it will continue…???

This interview is dedicated to Dylan of the Chainsaw Buffet podcast and website au gratin, the Habe of My Heart and Soul <3

Dylan is the moe-est!

The Jason David Frank Press Conference at MTAC Omega


Jason David Frank at MTAC Omega

So we have not updated in forever… Sorry about that! Meanwhile, while you wait for the more traditional OSMcast podcastion (we even  have a few episodes recorded already!), here’s something that may interest you.

This is the entire press conference that Jason David  Frank, power ranger, master of the red white and green, and mixed martial arts extraordinaire, answered questions for us at MTAC Omega. The OSMcast was not alone in asking questions, we were in fact merely one of many. Wondrous other media shindigs that were asking questions alike where groups such as 2ShotsofGeek, One Pixel JumpHJU Radio, Space Gypsies, CX2 Media, NickiDtv, and more! Probably much more. If we missed anyone please let us know so we can fix that.

And extra props goes out the Chainsaw Buffet guys for recording and editing the audio for us!


OK! So we have some episodes recorded that are in dire need  of editing before they get exposed out into the world wide web. But here is the inteneded order of release.

  • Ghost Rider 2: Best Superhero Movie of 2012
  • A Podcast Roundtable about Toonami
  • MTAC Omega
  • OSMinterview with Jessica Straus

After that who knows what craziness will ensue. Probably podcasts.


OSMinterview: Richard Epcar @ MTAC Omega


The Man Who Voices It All: Richard Epcar

So there we were at MTAC Omega, and I (Basil) looked at Kevin and said, “OK, we GOTTA interview Richard Epcar. This is a thing that must occur.”

Kevin responded, “Uh, ok! But I have no clue what to say I mean I don’t really follow US voice actors and-”

“Kevin,” I then expertly cut him off, ” Trust me. You’ll understand once we do.”

I then proceeded to drop kick like 15 ninjas then got a sweet hair cut. Man my hair so light and fluffy now!

But the important part of the story  was  the Sunday of MTAC Omega. I sadly I had to educate the masses via pane form while Kevin got to  interview people. We met up afterwards and I asked, “So how did it go?”

“Basil.” Kevin gallantly stated, “We GOTTA interview Richard Epcar again. This is a thing that must occur. That man is amazing.”

This is that interview.

OSMinterview: Chris Cason @ HAMACON 2


It's like Chris Cason is going, "Here. have a podcast. On me."

Back in the ye olden days of June 2011, we got to talk to one Chris Cason at HAMACON 2. Who is this mysterious Chris Cason, you ask? Why he’s a voice actor and ADR Director for Funimation Entertainment. He’s done several roles for Funimation, such as Gluttony in Full Metal Alchemist, Mr. Popo in Dragon Ball Kai, and Holy Roman Empire in Hetalia: Axis Powers, among others. He’s also done ADR work on such series as School Rumble, Birdy the Mighty: Decode, and YuYu Hakusho. It’s good times. But don’t take our word for it! Have a listen.


Hope you all enjoy the interview, and once again thanks to Chris Cason for talking to us. But that’s not all! Next Monday we’ll be linking to the Reverse Thieves‘ Crime Scene Investigations podcast segment all about the Friday at Otakon, as sort of the precursor to when we’ll be talking about Otakon on Saturday night on the OSMcast proper with guest podcast buddy and No. 1 Saber fan, Hisui. But wait you say? You want to hear that NOW?! Well you can! For you see, the Reverse Thieves have already posted it! We’ll just be re-posting on Monday as a crazy double dip scheme.

OSMcast: House of Five Leaves 7-25-2011


Because a house certainly cannot have four, or six leaves. That just wouldn't do.

What’s this?! A podcast releasing on schedule?! Why yes… yes it is! The OSMcast! once again returns faithfully to your audio-listening side as we discuss Natsume Ono’s House of Five Leaves, with the manga being released by Viz Media and the anime being streamed online by FUNimation. Joining us for this not so action packed episode is the voice actor extraordinaire that is Micah Solusod, and Charlie from PodcastSuperFriends™  the Chainsaw Buffet podcast. It’s 41+ minutes of podcast fun!


House of Five Leaves is a thing that should be read! Or watched! So we expect that you all will be getting to that immediately. If you are already a smart, lovely, and amazing person that already knew about the wonders of House of Five Leaves, then would you like to try an awesome visual novel-styled game that isn’t porn? Perhaps a murder mystery? Might we suggest you take a look over at sakevisual? While you folks are working on that, we’ll be heading out to super hot and also steamy Baltimore, Maryland this weekend for an exciting adventure at Otakon. It will be exciting! And adventrous!

And at some point I’m sure we’ll be telling you all about it. In podcast form.

OSMinterview: Micah Solusod @ HamaCon


Micah Solusod

Back in June at HamaCon here in Huntsville, AL we got the chance to talk to one of Funimation’s freshest talents, Micah Solusod! He’s probably best known for his work as Soul Eater Evans in Soul Eater. However he has already been in several roles, including stuff from Birdy the Mighty Decode, Big Windup!, and Corpse Princess. He recently has reopened his website which you should totally check out.

Protip: When conducting podcast interviews, do not record them right beside air conditioning units. This is very important!