The best movie of 2011 you probably never saw!

This podcast was in fact so angry, we had to let it cool down for an extra two weeks just so we could get it out here. It’s all about Nicolas Cage’s latest vehicle of awesomeness, Drive Angry. Always angry special guest Daryl Surat joins us for this drive-filled action packed people talking exciting episode of excitement. We talk about all sorts of things that seemed really important at the time! And quite possibly still do!


Sadly, as it turned out that even two weeks ago, Drive Angry was already out of our local theaters. It’s a real shame. But these things do tend to come out in home media form, so when it does, you should watch this film, 3D or no!

Also, Momocon has already happened, but it was fun! A good time was had by all. Next up on the OSMcast Road Show? MTAC! We’ll be present two lovely panels for your education and also possibly amusement! We’ll be rocking out with the Getting Your Anime Groove Back panel that was discussed IN THIS VERY EPISODE. And also, Anime’s Creepy Uncle, a Glance at Go Nagai, which may or may not have been mentioned, I can’t remember. Still, it’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be crazy.

It’s gonna be awesome.

OSMcast: Drive Angry 03-07-2011
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4 thoughts on “OSMcast: Drive Angry 03-07-2011

  • March 23, 2011 at 8:23 AM

    I’m really liking the Getting Your Anime Groove Back panel concept. I got in during the era of 26-and-done shows, when ADV was importing tons of niche shows so you could always find something. Excessive action, fighting, and reliance on fan service or tropes for humor drive me up the wall.

  • April 13, 2011 at 5:38 AM

    finally listened to this episode NOW BRACE YOURSELF

    in defense of fighting games and knowing stuff like “frame advantage” etc derp etc

    do you not check how much mp a spell does? or how far a character jumps in a platformer? i understand being new to a genre but it really bugs me how people get so scared/lazy/mad in learning something new (theres a reason why games today are generally much easier)

    no im not mad, im just very upfront in clarifying things

  • April 13, 2011 at 5:42 AM

    does = requires

    shut up its coffee time -_-

  • April 13, 2011 at 7:37 AM

    next show i demand a rebuttal commentary section jk jk

    winning is fun, and knowing how to beat people and seeing that knowlege come to fruition is a rewarding experience.

    i understand that you don’t play to win, but don’t act like it’s my fault for wanting to win, as everyone who comes down to meetups on thursdays does.

    we play to learn how to win, how to outsmart, how to beat other people, and that mental battle between peers is ridiculously fun, even when losing. we are all happy to tell anyone about perceived flaws in a gamestyle, and exploits to help even the scale. we don’t have a secretive mentality, and we’re happy to help anyone that wants to be helped.

    winning and fun are not mutually exclusive, unless you want them to be.

    thursdays at the deep in hsv alabama at 6 we play pretty much everything that’s good, including jp only games like arcana and melty. kudos to all the local listeners of this fine program.

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