OSMcast: Webcomics de la Pimp Edition 08-31-2009

Alcolla: Worst alarm clock? Or BEST ANNOUNCER? I think we all know the answer!

In a stunning return of returningness, Lee has returned! Returning with him are Sooz and Basil as we talk about a bunch of webcomics we read!


PS: Did we say a bunch? We meant millions.


The orginal plan was that we had this great written list that we were going to use make a virtual one here, one that you could click on things.

And then Basil, in his infinite majesty, lost the list. Oops!

However we can tell you that the image to your right is from Reliquary, Sooz’s awesome webcomic. You should check that out! Along with Lee’s webcomic, Hazard’s Wake. It is also, most awesome.

Some of us at the OSMcast have twitter accounts! Like, Basil and also Brad. If you are into the whole twitter thing, you should check that out.

And finally, the OSMcast is at Dragon*Con! … Right now! (It was the first chance Basil has had to edit this post. Crazy times!)

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